Castor Wonders: Simple Oil for Stunning Beauty

Many people are not aware of the thick, glossy, yellow oil which is extracted from the castor beans found mostly in India and Africa. Yeah, I am talking about the multi-therapeutic Castor oil. This shining yellow wonder can enhance your beauty and extend the softness of your stunning young skin for years together with consistent usage. Let’s see its splendid effects in detail.

1. Get Rid of Acne


After a bath in hot water, taking small amounts of castor oil and applying it to the affected area may help in healing the blister or acne. Wake up in the morning and clean it off thoroughly. By following this continuously, acnes subdue and black spots start to disappear. Your skin gets moisturized and gets a glow and young look.


2. Thicker Eyebrow and Eye Lashes


Before getting to bed, applying a small amount of castor oil in the parts of eyebrow and delicately in eye lashes will certainly give a positive effect in thickening of hair with continued usage. It may take few months to witness results.


3. Smoother Feet


Castor oil is an excellent moisturizer and keeps skin soft and healthy. Hence, it can be applied in places of foot cracks. This will be greatly effective for people with mild to medium foot cracks as their feet get short of moisture due to constant ignorance.


4.Removes Dandruff and Enhances Growth of Hair


Applying castor oil to the scalp and hair an hour before bath and massaging it tenderly would greatly relax and replenish hair. It provides vitamins to roots making them strong and heals the hair tips and split ends. Thus obviously healthy, shiny and thicker hair is guaranteed.


5. Cools Down Your Body


Your foot soles sometimes may feel dry and you may feel your body heat up a little more than normal due to stress or other reasons before you sleep. During those times rubbing a little amount of castor oil onto your foot soles can bring you great relief and good sleep. Few people would get stomach pain due to long working hours with a laptop close to them, near their belly. This may be due to the heat of the gadget. When you rub a little amount of castor oil around your belly, you will feel better.


Get chilled by the cool curing effects of this cupid oil with which you would instantly fall in love for cleansing your skin and making it vibrant. It’s quite denser than other oils, but positivity always outlives small points of inconvenience. Get cool with castor 🙂 !

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