Cat eyes for every eye shape!

While for some it may be as easy as combing one’s hair, for others drawing a cat eye can be hard as hell. Well we hear you gal! It can be challenging to pull off and needs a lot of patience and practise. But the result is gorgeous Cleopatra-esque eyes. What most girls don’t know is that the same eye lining method will not work on every person. Just like the right haircut depends on your face shape, the right cat eye also depends on your eye shape (yes, there is such a thing!). However it is common that your eye shape may fall into several categories. In that case just combine the recommended techniques to guide you towards a custom cat eye just for you. So now all you need is our simple eye guide below and a steady hand. 

Down-turned eyes

A cat eye suits this eye shape very well. Rounded outer lids can create a down-turned appearance that’s only enhanced by a hard line. So instead of blindly following the lash line, pick a suitable point where you’d like the winger line to flare, connect it to the top liner and finish it up by connecting to the end of your bottom lid. This gives an illusion of the eye being lifted at the tip. To conceal any discolourations use a flesh toned pencil on the outer corners. Marilyn Monroe is a born mascot of this eye shape. Downturned eyes        Marilyn monroe  

Up-turned eyes

Girls with this eye shape, consider yourselves lucky, as they are naturally cat-like and hence hard to go wrong with. An extended cat eye will be your best bet, because when eyes turn up at the ends, the bottom lid tends to appear longer than the top and an extension helps to balance this out. Unlike the previous case, your mantra should be to follow the eye shape while maintaining a thin line. The very beautiful Miss Jolie is an owner of this eye shape. Upturned eyes                 Angelina jolie  

Hooded lids

Girls whose eye lids seem to fall over their upper lash line, usually refrain from lining their eyes at all. But not any more. A cat eye focuses on the outer corner of the eye so line your eyes following it’s natural shape, but don’t be afraid to extend up and out at the end. Go ahead and draw it thick and then connect it to your lower lid. Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and Malin Hurman are some examples of celebrities who rock the hooded eyes. Hooded eyes     Selena gomez    

Mono eyelids

An eyelid without a fold or crease, or a single upper eyelid is called a monolid. A cat eye, done right, can do wonders to your monolid. All you need to keep in mind is that the liner must be drawn on extra thick to be visible when the eye is open, because of the way the skin on the lid hangs. Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu are some celebs with mono eyelids. MonolidsLucy liu  

Protruding eyes

Remember Nina from ANTM cycle 20? With the wrong make-up, these big, heavy-lidded eyes can look like their bulging. These eyes can be high maintenance, but also look the best when done right. So go for a thicker cat eye and feel free to use shadow on your top and bottom lids for a smokier look that will subdue the shape and give you the covet-able bedroom eyes. Other celebs with protruding eyes are Stella McCartney and Sophie Dahl. Protruded eyesNina  stella mccartney  

Deep set eyes

Want those deep brooding eyes instead of sunken hangover eyes? Nothing a little liner and eye shadow can’t fix. Keep the cat eye thin along the base of the lashes to make the top lid appear full, and put in a generous coat of darker shadow below to create lid definition beneath to balance it. Some celebs with deep set eyes are Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift and Cameron Diaz. Deep set eyesMiranda kerr and taylor swift  

Wide set eyes

Stand in front of a mirror and measure the space between your eyes. If your eyes are set more than one eyeball width apart then you have wide set eyes. The rule of thumb is to never start drawing from the inner corner of your eye. Instead start the line midway through and focus on the outer edge of the eye. Make the wing thick and use lots of shadow in darker shades like Amanda Seyfried here. Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and Michelle Pfeiffer are other celebrities with wide set eyes. Amanda seyfried To achieve the perfect cat eye look for any eye shape I recommend using ” The Feline Flick by Charlotte Tilbury ” if you prefer eye pencils, ” Kevein Aucoin’s Precision Liquid Liner ” or ” AMC eye liner gel by Inglot Cosmetics ” if your more comfortable with the gel variety.  So ladies, equipped with the tools and the know-how it’s now time to ‘wing it’ and flaunt it!

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