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What Makes Lemon Water A Must Have?

Of all the seasons in India, ‘Summer’ is considered as an important one. It covers the maximum time of the year and also has its own share of hassles and fuss that trouble you the most. But, you can get rid of those summer woes (which might affect your health and body both) with this simple and […]


Say hello to monsoon with these easy-to-go skin and health-care tips!!

Monsoon is back! So has arrived the time when you start worrying about the infections that could bump into your skin – anytime, any-day! It is that time of the year when your heart longs to dance to the melody of rains while you enjoy that hot cup of tea sitting by the window pane. What hits […]


Essentials For A Flawless Skin

Hello girls! We have come up with a simple daily skin care regimen for you all. We know when it comes to skin care, facial skin tops the list. Firstly, because this skin is delicate and highly prone to foreign elements that could cause infections and allergies. Secondly, it is highly-sensitive and extensive exposure to the different […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Swear By The Good Old Chyawanprash

Come a change in seasons, many of us have to go through an almost never-ending series of annoying breakouts, dull skin, running nose, headaches, bone-breaking bodyaches and an overall damaged body functions. Though, it is true that a lack of immunity is the root cause of all these problems and seasonal change is merely the […]


7 Ways In Which You Can Use Honey

The benefits of honey are not hidden from anyone, right? It is wonderful for your skin, your hair and even helps in weight loss! We wonder if one single product could be as versatile as honey! If you are still not using honey in your diet and skin care regime, then here we give you […]


Product Review: Incredio Meal Replacement Plan

One of the most sought after topics of discussion nowadays has to be that of meal replacement plans. Meal replacement plans are basically substitutes for solid food meals with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. These were mainly developed keeping in mind, the lifestyle that people follow in today’s world. Since, most people due to […]


9 Ways to Smell Fresh and Avoid Vaginal Odour

Girls have often faced the problem of a foul smelling vagina that sometimes can lead to embarrassing situations where no one wants to picture themselves. A lot of women tend to overlook the most delicate part of their body which is always poorly ventilated and suffocated and needs just as much care, if not more, […]



This golden nectar may not look like a lot but it sure does pack a punch! From dear old Cleo back in Egypt to the next beauty queen, everyone swears by honey. It is after all the easiest way to achieve perfect skin, hair, weight, you name it! PREVENTING ACNE Honey is naturally anti-bacterial. So […]


Detoxifying Essentials For Men

Our body is made of about 75% water solution and we do not realize that most of the body gets converted pretty much into a toxic dump. This affects the entire human body, especially the skin. The skin itself is an organ of elimination of the body that transports the excessive toxins through the lymphatic […]