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5 Fashion (T)Errors to Avoid


Should I or shouldn’t I ? , I just don’t understand what she is wearing ! Or , I feel I don’t look good. I am sure all this comes across in your mind every once in a while.  We all are afraid to make mistakes as far as our dressing is concerned , aren’t […]

Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Every year there are a bunch of bizarre fashion trends that creep upon us and before we know it, too many people are trying it out leaving us in an utter state of dilemma whether or not to try it out on ourselves. Here are some of the trends that we left behind in 2015 […]

Golden Globe Awards 2016- What Not To Wear!

Golden Globe Awards 2016- What Not To Wear!

The Golden Globe Awards is the biggest event to start 2016 with and it is more of a fashion show of the Hollywood celebrities than just an award show. Even though a lot of the ladies turned heads with their enigmatic style, but some of them turned heads for the wrong reasons. Here are some […]

Golden Globes:The Yes and No of Fashion!

lady gaga

We all know the Golden Globe Awards took place on 10th January 2016 at the the Beverly Hilton hotel. The red carpet was crowded with the biggest stars in Hollywood on one of the biggest nights of Hollywood. There were big wins in store for Revenant and The Martian, but it’s the red carpet looks […]

“Splendor Blunder”: 7 Worst Looks Of Bollywood Divas On Red Carpet!

7 Worst Looks Of Bollywood Divas On Red Carpet!

“Fashion faux pas should be celebrated”, said the well-known Canadian model Linda Evangelista. I feel some of our bollywood divas have taken this statement of hers way too seriously! 😉 Some of our bollywood divas have ended up looking disastrous at times, and that too, on the red carpet! Bollywood award nights are one of […]

17 Celebs Who Have Had A Cosmetic Surgery


Be it Bollywood or Hollywood there are beauties all around the world. But not everyone is perfect. While some flaunt their flaws with confidence others take the help of surgery to hide their flaws. For some it looks fabulous while for some it goes completely wrong. Here are the 17 people who underwent cosmetic surgery […]

Best and the worst dressed celebs in VMA 2015


VMA is always known for its bold and sexy red carpet. Some are fashion disasters while some just burn the red carpet with their looks. VMA 2015 could be regarded as the best in the history to display some of the best dressed and of the hideous ones too. 1) NICKI MINAJ Usually I find […]

7 horrible fashion faux pas by Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

We always see our favourite celebs dressed perfectly from tip to the toe and making a remarkable entry everywhere. But, everyone makes mistakes and so does our beloved bollywood celebrities who’ve had their share of embarrassment which the whole world sees. But there’s someone who is constantly nagging the fashion police with her poorly carried […]

7 Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

I always aspire to write something beautiful and composing for Miley Cyrus is really awful for me as she was one of my idol in my teenage, who dazzled millions of people through her singing talent, dance performances, and stunning looks. She is always renowned for her sugary sweet image in public and now this […]



If they thought nobody saw it then they are absolutely wrong. Here is 8 horrible wardrobe malfunctions which are stuck in everyone’s mind. 1)TARA REID Talking about wardrobe malfunctions and not mentioning tara reid would be an insult. This American pie blond beauty never realised that her dress strap fell off and exposed her entire […]