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6 Goodies You MUST Buy If Unicorn Is Your Spirit Animal!

Unicorns have always defined the ultimate fantasy world for all women all over the world! Okay, for many, at least. If you are one such girl who loves and dreams unicorns and cannot get over their magical qualities, then hold your breath! Here are some unicorn goodies which you can help you have your own […]


8 Gorgeous Kurtas For Women For All Occasions

The woes of deciding what to wear to not just parties or functions, even to office and daily shopping sprees is absolutely real! More real than we would want it to be. Definitely, dresses and western wear can be fun and flirty, but you can never underestimate the power of ethnic wear!  Not only are […]


Buying Lingerie Online: 10 Tips You Must Follow

We all know that in spite of our Sarojini Nagar love, there is always one thing which we cannot really buy from there. Yes, ladies, you guessed it right. Lingerie! Because hygiene. Most of the stuff at street markets tends to be export reject or at times, second hand material too! Or so the legend […]


How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get a Perfect Fit

Shopping for clothes online has many advantages. You have thousands of stores at your fingertips and you can browse them whenever it suits you, be it day or night. The best deals are one click away. There is no waiting in fitting room queues for an eternity, and then again standing in another queue at […]


“Destined Destination: Exotic Places for Destination Weddings in India!

“Marriage is two halves of the same soul joining together in a life’s journey!!!” He popped up “the” question and you jumped with joy and replied an extremely happy “YES, I will marry you”! What comes next, of course, the wedding planning! I am sure many of us want their wedding to be like a fairy […]


Fragrances That Would Beguile Anyone

A perfume is not just a mere fragrance or a beauty product. The scent of the perfume defines what a woman is like in a sweet and tenuous way. A fragrance portrays the personality of a woman. Anyone who has dashed out of the door and forgot to spray up their favourite perfume knows the […]


Advent Of The Hijabs And Abayas: More Reasons To Love Dolce & Gabbana!

What does the Middle East remind you of ? Jewels. Malls. Brick-built souks.Intricately designed places of wonder. Extravagant cities of luxury. Of course, not to forget the fashionable people of their world ,wrapped in head gear yet still look pretty without flaunting their tresses. That’s tough. Phew! While designer stoles were made available by regional […]


Day or Night, This Color’s Just Right!

Ever wondered what color could be dressed down in the morning and dressed up at night? It’s confusing! Black’s too evening and Yellow’s so morning and floral. Pink has gazillion shades and Red’s too loud. Grey’s too boring and brown’s too dull, blue’s a bit too cute and green’s a huge risk! It’s mind boggling, how […]


Save or Splurge: Makeup Edition

Hello Fashionistas! It’s time for the latest intel on Makeup. Yes ladies, it’s time to drain your wallets empty or maybe not. Because this time, I’m gonna throw light on some less expensive but equally good products. While most of us cannot afford expensive brands like Mac, Sephora or Chanel, there are suitable alternatives for their […]


Have A Wacky Wedding: 10 Amazing Wedding Ideas!

Wedding is indeed a special occasion in everybody’s life and it is not easy to make your wedding a rocking one! People strive hard to make their wedding a special one but not everyone succeeds! Every wedding is normal with all those usual ceremonies and traditions to be followed but weddings will be special and […]