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10 Luxury Cosmetic Products You Must Splurge On

We have loved doing make up ever since our childhood days. Remember stealing your mom’s makeup kit and using it over your face or your sister’s? 😉 Yes, we girls can’t resist a good cosmetic product and we dream of owning all luxurious products available in the whole world. Alas, we can’t afford all the […]


10 ways to style your pinafore

Despite the fact that a pinafore was what we wore for our school-going-days, and got quite sick and tired of it, we can’t get enough of the pinafore right now! It’s risen to be one of the most versatile looks of the season. And though I wouldn’t say the possibilities are endless with a pinafore-there […]


Gaining By Bargaining

It’s THAT time of the year yet again! Every shopaholic knows what I’m talking about. It’s sale season! Every store is now on sale and it has left our palms itching to grab the best deals. Most people avoid going to the stores because of the scorching heat but believe me girls, this is the […]


10 Everyday Brands that Indians are Eagerly Waiting For!

Every time I watch The Devil wears Prada, I feel a wee bit envious of Andrea Sachs. She seems to have the perfect life- she has a job “a million girls would kill for”, is surrounded by all things fashion, day in and day out. And the best part, she has a Nigel in her life […]


Outfit Check: Powder Blue

What’s the one thing in common, between Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton? The favorite color of both of them is powder blue. And like all of us, they both love dressing up in their favorite hue! So, why not give powder blue a chance this season and you might just have a new go-to color. […]


5 Must haves to Nail the ’70s Look

Want to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett, but don’t have the goods? Look no further because we at Wonder Wardrobes have put together a list of the 5 most essential pieces you just “need” to have to nail the ’70s trend, because it maybe 2015, but the yesteryear styles are still the most happening thing […]



It is often said that a woman carries her world in her bag and rightly so. Men may not need more than a handful of cash and credit cards to carry with them but so isn’t the case with us women and no matter how much these men taunt us about carrying all sorts of […]


Websites That Should Be Under Your Radar!

Everyone’s familiar with Zara, Forever 21, Mango and other such budget stores, but why do we restrict ourselves to just this? Supposedly HnM is coming to India, Gap already made an appearance and enough brands should be on their way. But I think it’s time to give the Indian e commerce websites some credit! And […]


Your Ultimate Guide to DIYs!

We see enough blogs and fashion articles related to ‘Wardrobe Must Haves’ , ’10 Closet Essentials’ and the infamous ‘Summer/Sprig/Autumn/Fall/Winter(and more if they could create new seasons) Essentials’ . But what about those piles and piles AND PILES of clothes we have lying in our cupboard; ignored, unworn and sometimes brand new yet ignored and […]