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All You Need To Know About The Risks Of Wearing The Wrong Sized Bra

Aah! That sudden feeling of supreme pleasure you get after you take off your bra at night, ever wondered why? Chances are that you have been keeping your beasts squished all day in such a tight bra that those poor babies haven’t been able to catch a breath. Imagine being stuffed in a tight room […]

Here’s How To Leave Behind Your Lingerie Problems In 2018

Ladies, we are not going to go into 2019 with 2018 problems, especially if they are the good ol’ lingerie problems! Straps digging into your skin, underwires ready to stab your heart, cups flopping around like uncontrollable babies and what not! But how exactly can we manage to put all these at bay? Read on […]

Wardrobe Essentials: 9 Different Kinds of Bras You’ll Love

Different types of Bras

Having a right bra can make or break your classiest outfit. What goes inside does reflect outside. Nobody likes having their breasts sag or bulge out of the t-shirts. A bad bra can not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also spoil the whole look of your gorgeous LBD or your regular college tee. There […]

This Company Sells Lacy Lingerie For Men & We Just Can’t!!!

Move over tighty-whities and a shade card that seems to have been lifted straight from a Bhansali movie. Here’s presenting HommeMystere, an Australian brand selling lingerie for men only! And we are talking more than the plain underwear and a vest. They have panties, G-strings, bras, bodysuits, teddys, nighties, swimwear and what not. The idea […]

Lingerie Packing Hacks: Top 5 Honeymoon Lingerie Packing Tips

After being the bride and enjoying the time of her life, the next thing for which the brides are extremely excited for, are the honeymoon. It is obvious that everyone plans their honeymoon destination and outfits beforehand, according to the place. But, do you plan your honeymoon lingerie according to the type of honeymoon? Clueless? […]

Deep Neck Twists: 10 Best Plunge Bra Choices for Low Necks

plunge bra

There are days when we love turtle necks and also there are days when we love deep necks and plunging necklines. It all depends on the moods and the trends. But, every outfit looks flattering when it is paired and styled correctly. So, the first rule to get a classy look with any outfit is […]

Bralettes Affair: 10 Super Stylish Bralettes to Flaunt like a Top


Bralettes are the newest crop tops in town. They are ultra sexy and cute at the same time. Awesome to match with shorts and super hot to match with sarees! This is why we are loving bralettes so deeply. We have fished out the ten most glamorous bralettes and have brought for you to shop […]

10 Pretty Lingerie Set Choices You Cannot Afford To Miss

We cannot hide this feeling of getting awestruck by sensuous and pretty lingerie. They are so amazing that they are totally irresistible. There is always an urge to buy a pretty lingerie set and we end up splurging on them. Here is a list of most pretty lingerie set choices for your next purchase. I […]


Lingerie is a very important part of every girl’s wardrobe from her teenage. There are several changes in the body structure and hence the essential of lingerie ranks very high. And right from the teenage to the time in her 20s, lingerie is very important for a girl. This is the prime age of youth […]

LINGERIE CONFESSIONS: 5 Ladies Reveal What They Look For In Lingerie

Every woman has all the love and affection for her favourite lingerie. To be truthful, it is just not a piece of clothing for us but a very important part of our lives! I know you all will relate with me when I say that we spend more time and extra caution while buying the […]