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Rajputana Rajasthan – 11 fashion finds

After living in Rajasthan (Jodhpur) for almost one and a half year, its mesmerizing culture has left me spellbound with it’s exquisite heritage and fanatic traditions, that it’s not a single day that I don’t praise this sandy-seville for its beguiling art&craft and city charm. It’s beautiful, it’s enticing in all the way and has bedazzled […]


“MUN” with Style!

From Schools to Colleges, Every one is talking about The Model United Nations! Yes!! You heard it right, the official conferences held at various colleges to broadcast ones speaking skills and discuss the actual problems the world is facing just as the real world leaders do at The United Nations. I know that’s some serious […]



Whether you’re an athlete or just a gym freak, wearing the right attire is of utmost importance so that you feel at ease during your workout. There are no set rules or uniforms but some types of clothes are simply better than others when it comes to comfortable active wear or gym wear. Moreover, who […]


London Shopping Guide: Where to Shop in London?

Hello everyone!! Today I have come up with a super exciting article especially for all the girls. Shopping in UK is everybody’s dream workout, but where to exactly shop? Everybody knows about chanel, Dior and other international brands, but what about some awesome boutiques which you miss? Today I will be telling you about Some […]



By presenting the trendiest collection from his amazing intellect, Tarun Tahiliani again wins the heart of many. It was a casual walk in a museum that bewitched the fashion experts and the shutterbugs at Lakme Fashion Week 2015. Reliance trends presented the Czar of Couture, Tarun Tahiliani’s “post modern” collection inspired by the work of […]


Top 10 Perfumes Under Rs.2000

Anyone who’s ever been trapped in a crowded elevator intrinsically understands: Few people are gifted with noses so finely tuned to fragrance that they can distinguish between scents that allure and ones that merely annoy. While buying a perfume we need to be careful and choose the right scent, as the money once spent on […]



It might seem like a guy’s outfit can’t be too hard to pick out. Just put on some jeans, pick out the first t-shirt you see and wear any shoes that seem like they’ll match. And ta-daa he’s ready. If I had to pack for a guy, I’d put 2 pairs of jeans, a few […]


10 Shoes Every Man Must Own

Shoes are not only a woman’s best friend, even men should learn to adore their shoes. You know, footwear has the capability to make or break your outfit. There are a lot of options available for men too, from loafers to formal wears , there exists a wide range of footwear to choose from. Knowing […]


Sweatshirts : Which Is Your Type?

Hello people! Today in this article we are gonna talk about all time favourite SWEATSHIRTS! So, let’s talk about what exactly a typical sweatshirt is? It’s loose, and warm. Nowadays, sweatshirts are not just of cotton fabric but a lot of different fabrics. Sweatshirt is the only garment that can fit into any body kind, […]


10 ways to style your pinafore

Despite the fact that a pinafore was what we wore for our school-going-days, and got quite sick and tired of it, we can’t get enough of the pinafore right now! It’s risen to be one of the most versatile looks of the season. And though I wouldn’t say the possibilities are endless with a pinafore-there […]