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8 Menswear Blogs You Need To Follow

Menswear is having such a moment right now because of all the designers finally spicing things up for our male counterparts for the runway. So, what’s a better time to start keeping tabs on the who’s who and what’s what of the menswear world. Let me tell you, the guys have just as good blogs […]


T-shirts Every Man Should Own

T-shirts are arguably one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you can own. That being said, they are not really what one would term as ‘fashionable’ clothing. T-shirts are extremely comfortable. They are not restrictive, at least for most people because there are those that tend to wear a size too small. The […]


10 Smart and Stylish Ways to Store Your Shoes

” I have too many shoes”- said no girl ever. ” I need more space for my shoes”- said girls everywhere. That’s right, we all can’t resist buying a new pair, but we also don’t know what to do with the ever growing population of shoes in our homes. And just when you thought you […]


The ‘collar’ful world of fashion!

There is something about the word fashion that almost always brings in our mind the image of expensive designer gowns, lavish shoes and handbags and fine, ornamental jewellery. In other words, it is generally associated with women. However, over the last few years, the rising popularity of fashion-conscious male celebrities such as Kanye West, Ryan […]


How Not To Dress This Summer

Summer is the only time when we sweat profusely by doing nothing. It’s also the time to experiment with your new cool looks. But while experimenting, we all have moments where we regret wearing a particular outfit. The sweat and hot sun up in the sky, don’t cooperate with us even for a second. All […]


5 Must haves to Nail the ’70s Look

Want to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett, but don’t have the goods? Look no further because we at Wonder Wardrobes have put together a list of the 5 most essential pieces you just “need” to have to nail the ’70s trend, because it maybe 2015, but the yesteryear styles are still the most happening thing […]


All hail the Minionomenon!

The world of fashion has succumbed to yellow fever-and we absolutely love it! No, I have not gone entirely bonkers. But a host of fashion designers seem to have caught the fever for sure. They’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with certain amoeba-like yellow creatures from a movie franchisee. And can you blame them? Given that […]


SKANTS- The Upcoming Skirt – Pant Hybrid Fashion Wear

Many of you might have read and heard about Kendall Jenner’s recent skirt-pants hybrid outfit in New York prior to the closing of Chanel Paris-Salzburg show. For those of you who haven’t, let me enlighten you with this piece of information that had the paparazzi in total awe of this Jenner girl. Recently, Kendall Jenner […]



There are times when you feel that you should accessorize your legs in a different yet mesmerizing way that will not only beautify your body part but also complete your look. Gone are the days when you did not have many options available in the accessory market to accessorize your beautiful legs! Nowadays, DIY ideas and […]



Are you in love, ladies? Is it getting difficult for you to tackle your man? Are you tired of trying everything but still things are not on the right path? Cheer up, girls! Don’t lose hope, we have come up with some great tips on how you can impress your man and set your love […]