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Aquamarine- Color Trend To Freshen Up Your Life

AQUAMARINE IN TREND From the light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea, aquamarines shine over an extraordinarily beautiful range of mainly light blue colors. Its light blue arouses feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship. Good feelings. Feelings which are based on mutuality and which prove their worth in lasting relationships. […]


Accessories a Man Should Own

Most men will buy based on what they need. But now men are taking much more of an interest in adding to their look. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay abreast of the latest trends, especially if you lead a busy life.  So if you’re efficient, you will have already done most […]


Summer Stunners- Prints to Set the Weather Right

Bored of donning those graphic prints every time and carrying the animal skin on that of yours everywhere?! Don’t worry girls & guys, this year, summer is set to make you go crazy for some mesmerizing prints & let you express yourself with more exciting hues. Sun is great in summer, and wide too as […]


Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Summers are definitely a relief for many given that you don’t need to be covered in those million layers of clothes anymore but it has its own set of troubles. While women seem to have a bag full of options to choose from for their daily work and casual wear, the men seem to be […]


Your Guide to Everything Denim!

 To say that denim is out of fashion or too dull for the season is outrageous! The person must be oblivious of it’s need and it’s incarnation. We’re not simply discussing pants (when is the design world not lashing a style of pants that you may quickly consider, yet will never purchase?), yet denim in […]


The Basics Of Men’s Fashion : T-Shirts

Hi readers, today we are gonna talk about the most loved clothing of Men’s Wardrobe : T-Shirts. We just love T-shirts. T-shirts are so comfortable, easy to wear, easy to wash not to mention- extremely time saving while wearing. You can sleep in them and then go out next morning in the same T-shirt looking […]


Jeans For Every Shape And Size

We all feel that jeans are a basic thing no one can go wrong with, after all they’re just jeans! Infact most of us get confused reading the labels – slim fit, low rise, straight fit, slim fit low rise and even slim fit straight .  Like whaaaat?! But that’s a common misconception that any […]


How to survive all night in high heels

Do the most important men in your life bear the names Manolo, Jimmy choo, Enzo, and Steve Madden. If so , then there’s a good chance high heels are a part of your life. But unlike our actresses on screen, who can do the toughest dance move while teetering on 4-inch stilettos, the high heeled […]


10 Ways To Rock The Bob This Summer!

The mercury levels are rising and all you want to do is chop off your long tresses. You badly want to get a bob, but you are afraid you’ll mess it up. Afterall it is your hair!. Long hair is playing it safe , but short hair shouts confidence and attitude. And todays women are […]


The Basics of Men’s Fashion

Hello all, I bet you are here to learn some basics about men’s fashion, but first lets discuss what is the need for all this. Men’s fashion has become very important and lucrative now days. The market is flooded with all types of clothes and men have started to realize the importance of having a good dressing sense. […]