Celebrate the Rains with a Little Colour!

The monsoon rains are here, leaving us wondering how to step up our style quotient this monsoon. Well, let’s listen up to what the experts in the field have to say! Fashion experts say women should go for brighter colours and sleek silhouettes in light fabrics. They suggest wearing fabrics that do not stick to the body while it’s pouring.

Colourful umbrella monsoon

Apart from the colours that are in this season, fashionistas are also making suggestions in terms of the kind of clothes, footwear, and accessories we need to put on before venturing out in the rains! Considering how messy it gets while walking through the clogged roads and streets, flip-flops and colourful ballerinas emerge as clear favourite footwear among girls! People tend to avoid canvas and go for PVC material and rubber soles that provide a firm grip. The accent is on bold colours, pastels are out simply because the sun is not shining as bright as it was in summer. Fabrics like blended cotton, silk and polynylon are ideal for this season. When it comes to accessories like earrings, necklaces, fashion experts suggest to keep it light and sober. Accessories could be suitable in the Summers and Winters. Too much of them hanging on your body in the monsoons tend to appear loud, overdone, and will eventually heave out on you once you’re drained in the showers.

Also, umbrellas are a unisex must-have during the rainy season. According to designers and stylists, umbrellas can also be flaunted in a stylish way and used as a great accessory to step up one’s look. Colourful, bright, printed umbrellas are really in these days, and will attract a great number of eyes your way!

When it comes to choosing the right colours for this season, designer Arpan Vohra says, “Monsoon is all about colours. All colours from saffron to blue and beige and even black and white, but used in a very different style, are in vogue. It’s about mixing the right colour with the right fabric”. The focus should be on bold colours and fabrics that are light weight and can dry easily. Star designer Manish Malhotra says, “I think colours like blue, light purple, indigo, lemon yellow and white, which are a designer’s favourite for summer also hold good for monsoon.”

Colours that are suitable for the rainy season include:

Deep Beige

Beige shorts white tee Monsoon

Beige with jeans and stole Monsoon

Olive Green

Olive Green Coat Monsoon

Olive Green shrug and jeans Monsoon

Blue, Indigo

Blue Dress Monsoon

Indigo Dress Monsoon


White tee and jeans Monsoon

White tee and yellow capri Monsoon


Peach pants Monsoon

Peach dress Monsoon

Light Copper

Copper pants Monsoon

Copper dress Monsoon

Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow dress Monsoon

Yellow salwar kameez Monsoon

Light Purple

Purple Indian Long skirt Monsoon

Purple skirt Monsoon


Gone are the days when monsoon was looked down upon as a dull and dreary season where fashion could not prevail. Our designers, fashion gurus give us so much to choose from for this season, so that we can flaunt our eminence with style!  We ladies, are ready to welcome the showers!

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