Celebrate The Women in Your Life on International Women’s Day

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It’s international women’s day on 8th march and every woman on this planet need to know how special they are and deserve to be cherished and celebrated as the strong, powerful and pivotal roles they play in our lives. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive, but your ideas and actions have to make it all priceless. Check out these inexpensive gift ideas that will not be heavy on your pockets and will leave a lasting impression on her hearts’.

  1. Buy her flowers

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Nothing says “you are special” better than gifting her flowers especially the ones which are her favourite. They have always been the most traditional kinds, clichéd but very comforting gifts. If you can add a small handwritten note to the flowers it would make it more personal and ten times cuter than before.


  1. Coupons to a Salon

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Women work impossibly like machines and getting her a day off to visit the spa or a salon to get a head massage, body massage or facial or sauna, depending upon the kind of thing that relaxation method that she enjoys the most and what type of coupon can you easily get your hands on or afford.


  1. Coupons and vouchers to online shopping

online shopping coupons coupons

There are going to be all sorts of discounts and sales for women’s day on all the leading online shopping sites. Almost all of them support the facility of gifting a registered user discount coupons or gift cards. The gift cards start as cheap as a few hundreds and may go up to a couple of thousands. Depending on your budget you can gift her anything and make her very happy with minimum efforts.


  1. FOOD!

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This is hands down, the easiest thing to do for the hardworking women in your lives. You can take her out to grab a meal together and buy her something she really likes eating. Even better! You can cook something and as long as you don’t mess it up, she is no Gordon Ramsey to judge you and will heartily enjoy the efforts that you have put into cooking the meal.


  1. Picture Collage

picture collage

A picture collage or simply your favorite picture of your special woman or the two of you together in photo frame along with a special quote to make her feel special. A picture can speak louder than thousands of words, save and cherish your memories together.


  1. Books or Movies that empower women

jane austen box set

Gift her a book that have some feminine values attached to the plot and theme of the storyline and can empower her in a subtle way, telling her why she is important. If she hasn’t already read Jane Austen books, you have to give them to her right away. If she isn’t that big of a reader, the books have been turned into movie adaptations that you can always gift her and join her as she watches it, to make her day even better.


  1. Ladies Only Parties

ladies only






ladies only parties

For all those women who are empowered enough to celebrate their value and importance in everyone’s lives: You Go Girlfriend! Go to the movies or the club or call all your girlfriends over and you can have a blast of a time with all the great women in your life including yourself right in one place!




Here are some of the gift ideas by me! What do you think you would give to the special women in your life on this International Women’s Day? Share with us your unique ideas!


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