Celebrity Beauty Secrets!


Ever wondered how your favourite celebs manage to look oh so effortlessly beautiful each and every time? In this day and age of photo shop and remarkable editing it’s really hard to decipher what is real and natural and what’s not. The aesthetically charged media of our times has set incredibly unattainable standards of beauty for our society. But don’t let these glossy fashion magazines fool you! Under the garb of all the photo shop sorcery, lie humans who are just like us and are nowhere near as unattainable as we perceive them to be!

Sure there exists an impeccable glam squad comprised of expertly trained professionals who help these celebs look their best, but there is still an existence of some very valuable beauty tips and tricks that our stars swear by. So let’s take a look at some of the much coveted celebrity beauty secrets as told by the stars themselves!


Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad

Do you also dread those stubborn puffy eyes that come with pulling all nighters and awful hangovers? Not for long! Lauren Conrad is more than happy to rid you of these early morning beauty obstructions. The Hills star recommends using slices of a few refrigerated potatoes and resting them over your eye lids for about 15 minutes to reduce puffiness. Easy peasy!



Sarah Jessica Parker

sara jessica parker

Wanna know how to look fabulous at fifty? Our very own Carrie Bradshaw is a huge fan of Yoga and exercise. Sarah revealed that she tries to incorporate Yoga into her busy schedule whenever possible as well as emphasises on the need to be fit and healthy. We finally know the secret behind Sarah looking youthful as ever at her fine age!



Emma Stone

emma stone

Want a clear, spotless complexion just like Emma Stone? You may need to hit the pillow a bit early from now on to achieve that perfect rosy glow. The Easy A star stresses on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep as well as the indispensable need to moisturise. Emma also understands the power of a well groomed set of brows and admits taking time out to keep them tamed. Emma surely sticks to the basics!



Halle Berry

halle berry

Is your skin in need of an instant pick-me-up? Add ground coffee to your usual body wash the next time you shower! Halle Berry swears by this trick to keep her skin looking plump and youthful. The mother of two believes that the exfoliation effect offered by the ground coffee will help increase blood flow and render the skin smooth.
We always knew coffee to be a life saver!



Rachel Bilson

rachel bilson

In need of a quick way to remove eye make up without ending up with panda eyes? Don’t look any further! Our very own Rachel Bilson trusts the age old Vaseline to get rid off lingering make up. Vaseline is much gentler on your skin as opposed to make up removers and especially works on eye make up like a dream. It’s time you go look for your long neglected jar of Vaseline!



Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

Desire a healthy, glossy mane like Kim Kardashian? Then let your locks get a little dirty! Going by Kim’s immaculately styled here, one can never guess that the beauty only washes her hair once every five days! If the results turn out to be as good as Kim’s, we certainly don’t mind getting a little greasy!



Megan Fox

megan fox

All hail the queen of sass! The object of every man’s fantasy, the foxy mother of two believes in the mantra of ‘less is more’. Megan likes to keep her beauty regime at the bare minimum. Moisturising is an integral part of her skin care regime. Megan credits a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water for her glowing skin.
Thank you Megan for blessing us mortals with your beauty wisdom!



Mila Kunis

mila kunis

Wonder how this exotic beauty maintains her lean frame and enviable glow? It all comes down to a healthy and balanced diet for the ‘Friends with Benefits’ star. She also recommends a healthy intake of water. Mila is also an avid Yoga and meditation fan and practices the same diligently.
Get them Yoga pants on girls!



Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston

Jennifer’s shiny blond hair is truly her best asset. Her ‘Rachel’ hairstyle was every ‘Friends’ fanatic woman’s dream. Caring for such pristine tresses must be a drag, right? Surprisingly, no! Jen claims that her beautiful mane is the result of regular applications of hair masks. She also uses masks for her skin to achieve that perfect red carpet glow.
Whip out your masks ladies and get going!


There you go ladies! Now you know what goes into making our stars look like a million bucks! Get red carpet ready with these handy tips and tricks and bring out the best in you!

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