Class Over Swag: 8 tips to be a perfect Gentleman!

Class, Charm and Chivalry, not all men have these qualities in them, but those who do, are considered gentlemen. It must also be considered that it is really strenuous to inculcate these qualities in our lives and be called a gentleman. To appear classy is not easy, it is definitely not like a switch which you can turn on and off whenever you want; it comes with manners. Also, it doesn’t come with clothes and looks; it comes with your maturity and class in your mind and demeanor. Here are eight significant tips which can make you a perfect gentleman:

You have class; You have your own style:

You have your style which depicts class and matches your looks. You never copy. It makes you stand out in the crowd. Your style never makes you look low or lousy, though it is simple, it is formal and it is elegant.

Dress well, groom yourself:

Always try to look your best; simple or grand, always look classy. Stick to neat and well pressed clothes. Also look groomed and neat; with a clean shave or a beard style of your choice, smell good; clean nails and a suitable hairstyle will work.

Basic manners at your best:

Your manners will define you and this must be a part of how you present yourself. Some instances, Shake hand must always be firm with a pleasant smile and must look into the eyes of the opposite person, do not cuss in public, be polite to people, use words like ‘Thank you’, ’Please’ and others, treat others with respect and have control over your physical self.

The way you treat women:

It is one of the most important aspects. Treat women well, be courteous, be respectful and be nice. Your actions matter, like pulling the chair for her, giving her the coat, opening the door, being selfless, listening to her, complimenting her.

Know what you do, also know why:


You must know yourself and know what you do. Others respect you when you know what you do and how you do it.

Be social, Be chivalrous:

A Gentleman speaks well to everyone and is chivalrous. He is social and everyone likes to talk to him. He is here to prove that chivalry isn’t lost in men.

Follow your passion, love what you do:

Not only gentlemen but also successful men will also agree with this, that it vital to do what you love and love what you do. Following your passion will surely enhance your personality.

Be You:


It is most important to be your true self and not just showcase these qualities. Remember, that class and gentlemanliness doesn’t come from clothes and looks but it comes from your actions and demeanor.

Stay cool, stay classy because class is better than swag!

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