Clutches A Woman Must Have

Clutches are amazing as we can every necessary item like Money,Credit Cards,Mobile with ease. A clutch is neither too huge to carry around nor too small, it’s perfect for any occasion. Now a days clutches are available in all kinds of colors, patterns, designs and materials. There is a clutch for every occasion and today we brought to you a list of must-have clutches in your wardrobe.

Clutch was looked down in earlier days, but now its become a huge trend.Earlier women didn’t like the fact that it looked like a small kids bag, but now women are lusting after clutches like there’s no tomorrow. Clutches even made their presence felt on the red carpet. So, you can say clutches are back with a bang. Now, women are hoarding on shopping for clutches. So, guys gift your lady love these amazing clutches and win her heart  😉 😀

Embroidered Clutch

Embroided clutch

Embroidered clutches are cute and come in various colors. The embroidered look gives a desi touch to your whole outfit. So, match it with your dress and be the center of attention at the function you attend!

Gold Clutch 

Gold Clutch

This one is going to serve the purpose for occasions and dresses more than one! If gold is the order of the day, nothing can be better than a golden clutch purse! They are drop-down gorgeous and perfect for marriage functions and other get to-gathers!

Silver Clutch

Silver Clutch

If your dress has borders and embroideries in silver and your ornaments are of silvery glaze, this is the clutch you need. The best part is that, this clutch is going to serve for many a garment and occasion, irrespective of color and creed. These clutches are perfect for weddings, too.

Fabric Clutch Purse

Fabric Clutch

They are very simple but very chic. They come in a range of pretty colors and are perfect for carrying some cash while you go to the local shops to get your daily necessities or pay a visit to the fruits or vegetable market.Fabric clutches look simple yet you get countless number of varieties in this category, suitable for every occasion.

Satin Clutch

Satin Clutch

Now, this can be really elegant and being the charming lady that you are, your wardrobe essentials are incomplete without this lovely clutch with satin smooth texture and glossy shade. You can get them in any color that you want. Go find a match for your evening dress now 😀

Clutch purses are fun,fashionable accessories for a woman. They come in handy when you feel like not carrying around a huge handbag or shoulder bag. What’s even better is that a clutch purse can be your go-to accessory for a formal event as well as a casual day out.

There are several different types and designs of clutch bags available, each made to complement some form of attire or environment. They can be short, long, flat, round and many more varied styles to choose from. If you don’t have these with you, ladies, go, shop immediately! 😉

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