College Bag Essentials #GirlyEdition

To all the girls out there who are going to start their college life or pursuing their respective colleges, YES YOU! It’s this time, I know, you must be going crazy over shopping for college. New backpack, clothes and what not. Let the wonder wardrobe team help you making the very right choices. We’ve already covered the wardrobe essentials and you can check them here.

Now we bring the girly edition of what should be in your college backpack.

backpack - ww

1. Phone / iPod & Headphones

phone & ipod - ww

Who can live without these tech babies? They are your best friends when you don’t have lectures going, your friends are not by your side, you are highly bored, you willing to avoid someone (LOL!) and countless such situations.

2. Notebooks & Planners

notebook & planner - ww

The nerd in you need to attend the classes, the lectures, those boring seminars and have fest to volunteer and events to attend and have assignments and worksheets to fill within a limited time which sounds like a nightmare. In short, you need notebooks and planners to keep you organised and ahead of time.

3. Pens, Highlighters and Sticky Notes

pens & notes - ww

Who wants an explanation here? Obviously, Pens to write, Highlighter to highlight those very important points & sticky notes to keep you a little more organised.

4. Book you love to read

novel - ww

A good book which you love to read is a must in your backpack to avoid situations where your professor or director is on round. Students who are from colleges, where phones aren’t allowed will get this point in less than a minute.

5. Reading Glasses & Glares

glasses & glares - ww

Reading Glasses for the cute little nerd in you and Glares for the babe in you. Read here for more information regarding what eyewear style will suit you.

6. Wallet

cash wallet - ww

Money! Money! Money! Imagine a day when you have no money. How you gonna pay transportation fare or the canteen bill ? So? Yes, Cash in wallet is an essential item.

7. Quick Bites

bites - ww

What if canteen doesn’t have your favorite menu today? What if you have no time to go to canteen because you’ve lecture in 5 minutes? What if you’re not hungry but bored and want to eat something? These quick bites like mouth fresheners, dry fruits, chocolate bars etc. can save your life.

8. Lip Balms

lip balms- ww

No girl wants her lips to look dry and flaky. And with these extreme weather conditions, chap-sticks will be your college best-est friend.

9. Student Id

id - ww

You don’t want yourself standing outside of the college because you forgot your ID and can’t get in.

10. Water

water-bottle - ww

Because girls, you need to keep yourself hydrated all day long. And the importance of water can’t be explained within words.

11. Hand sanitizer & Facial wipes

sanitizer & wipes - ww

Because you want to keep yourself fresh and free from germs.

12. Pepper Spray

pepper spray - ww

Protection! Self defense! You never know when & what hurdle comes in front of you.

13. Keys

key chain - ww

Home Keys! Locker Keys! Room Keys! Cupboard Keys! Scooty Keys! You can’t afford to lose them. So keep them close to you in your backpack.

14. Pins & Hair ties & Scarf

pins, ties, scarf - ww

To keep your outfit and hair at place you need these little babies. They come to your rescue whenever you need them. Want to know what scarves we’re lusting for? Have a look here.

15. Medicines, Pads & Eye-drops

medi & eye drops - ww

Keep your medicines and pads handy to avoid any unwanted situation because you never know what mother nature is up to. Also if your eyes get puffed up or red easily or you’re allergic to something and that causes irritation in your eyes, keep your eye drops in your backpack. Eye drops not only control puffiness, irritation and redness, they can also help in giving you a fresh look in no time.

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