Colors To Brighten Up Your Spring 2016 With

Colors are the best part about changing seasons, like the snowy white of winter and the sunshine yellow of summer. In fashion, these colors define the collection for the season. It is a designer’s job to make the clothes look like they belong to be worn in a particular season, not just by its creation but by its color.

Every season, a Fashion Color Report is released by, and Spring-Summer 2016 has got some of its own regal and vibrant colors to brighten up your days. Here’s a look of them all.

Spring 2016 Colors

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Color

This is a pale pink color that is sweet but without the overly frilly feeling of the girly pink.

Rose Quartz

2. Peach Echo

Peach Echo Color

This is a pinkish-orange hue that reminds you of the beautiful colors of a spring forest blooming with beautiful flowers and ripe peaches

Peach Echo

3. Serenity

Serenity Color

Serenity is a calming hue with a very soothing effect on the eyes.


4. Snorkel Blue

Snorkel Blue Color

This color proves that even a traditional navy blue color can become happier and more energetic for Spring.

Snorkel Blue

5. Buttercup

Buttercup Color

Like the other colors released this season, this shade of yellow color is not so relaxing, but is a richer and buttery hue that transports us straight to the first sunny day of the Summer season.


6. Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell Color

Limpet shell is a peppy and fresh color, which basically enhances everything good about the aqua shade.

Limpet Shell

7. Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray Color

Lilac gray is the new favorite neutral color for the season which mingles well with almost all hues. It is basically perfect for those weird in-between weathers.

Lilac Gray

8. Fiesta

Fiesta color

Fiesta is the perfect eye popping red color that will give a new beat to your Spring parties.


9. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee Color

Now Iced coffee is the perfect straight-forward color name combo for this amazing shade of brown.

Iced Coffee

10. Green Flash

Green Flash Color

Spring is all about greenery and landscape and this beautiful shade of green color will give you a feel of exactly that perfect scenery.

Flash Green

Colors play an important part in a person’s wardrobe as well as their mood. So, this Spring 2016, enjoy the season with these beautiful, relaxing yet peppy colors.

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