Conquer each day like a king : Tricks to a happier you

You? YES YOU! Take charge of your life RIGHT NOW! Make it wonderful, make it what you want and do justice to yourself. I know it’s not practically possible to be a happy-go-lucky person all the time round but trust me when you are, no one in this world can stop you from taking over. I am not giving you tips to change your lifestyle or tell you how to be a certain someone because I don’t hold the position of a supreme power to do so but I want to share my story with you, the story of how I turned my life around by doing certain things and I hope I can inspire a handful of you to take control of your own life.

Wake up feeling happy

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I know to some of you it might seem an insignificant part of life but waking up with a smile can help make your day a hundred times better.  I know for some of us waking up can be hard and annoying and a burden but it’s a part of our life and we have to do it so why not make it enjoyable? First comes first, sleep early, yes as insignificant as it may seem it is very very essential to have atleast a 7 hour cycle of sleep to keep on going for a day. A 7 hour sleep cycle can be a perfect substitute for an early morning caffeine shot. You will be happy if your sleep is complete. You will wake up willingly rather than groggy.


Be healthy


Being fit 2                        Being fit

Be your kind of healthy. The definition of the word “healthy” and “fit” changes dramatically with different individuals. What might be healthy for one person may not be healthy for the other. First choose your healthy and stick to it.  Being healthy and fit just make you one-step more closer to loving yourself. Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym daily and living your life with a strict set of rules, it just means doing something every day.

Think positive and say positive

think positive   Power of being positive

Don’t be that mean back-stabber or gossip about anybody, they don’t deserve it. No matter how bad a person or situation may appear to you never and I repeat never talk about it to anyone(gossip) because you don’t hold any authority to do so. Stay away from gossip-ers who can pollute your mind. Once you’ve mastered the art of talking nicely the thinking bit just follows. Always think and preach positive about people. Always try to inculcate happy thoughts in your mind.

Be hydrated

drinking water

Yes yet another apparent insignificant point, but of immense importance. Drinking water is important to stay happy, calm and composed. It is very essential to keep a balanced water level in our body. Not only does it keep you healthy but also has a miraculous impact on your skin.

Control your anger


Control your anger

I cannot emphasize enough on how much it can make a difference to control your anger. Anger can come in a whim and completely shatter relationships in moments. Anybody who can control anger can obviously control his or her entire mind and heart. You become a saint when you have learnt the art of controlling anger and nothing on this entire planet can affect you. You command over situations and it’s a win situation in every loss too.


I hope you inculcate these tips in your everyday lives and feel your life becoming a bit better. After all, your life and habits need your attention every now and then.


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