Contemporary Style: 6 Ways to Rock This Classy fashion

Every person has a different sense of fashion and everybody has a different perspective and taste on fashion. The sense of styling and fashion mantra varies from person to person. Boho style, retro style, fusion style, there are so many styles and we love trying them all. One style which can never go out of fashion is Contemporary style. Contemporary fashion is something which fascinates us and we always wish to flaunt it. Contemporary style is basically the vintage style mixed with the modern touch. We bring a list to show you few contemporary styles and some tricks to flaunt it.

1. Go Monotonous

contemporary style

The first rule of contemporary style is going monotonous in colour. This means you should wear an outfit of a single colour. Whites are the first and the mandatory colour of a contemporary look. If you can rock and sizzle in such an outfit, you can rock a contemporary look very well.

2. Formal Silhouettes

contemporary style

Contemporary formals are a bit different from the regular formals. You need to play with your silhouettes even in formals. One must be the single or double tone coloured in formals but one must make sure that colour selection for contemporary outfits should be classic.

3. Mandatory Layerings

contemporary style

To get the perfect contemporary look, one must make sure that layering is done properly and must be done with almost every outfit. If the layering is done by mixing the modern and the vintage touch together, then your contemporary look is very appealing.

4. Contemporary Style Jewels

contemporary style

Having a statement piece of jewellery is a must for getting the perfect contemporary style. There are different kinds of jewellery but something very classy and out of the box, which is rarely seen and is extravagant is the contemporary kind of jewellery. They are so appealing that they can alone stand out.

5. Footwear Selection

The correct type of footwear is essential to get the perfect kind of look. The perfect selection of footwear in perfect colours like pastels and beautiful designs must be your choice of contemporary style footwear.

6. Contemporary Ethnics

Wearing ethnic outfits in contemporary style looks very royal. This type of style is very easy breezy and not too much bling. Golden and beige are the first choices of contemporary colours. Make sure you are choosing correct patterns and silhouettes.

These were some tips and tricks to flaunt the basic and very fashionable contemporary style. Contemporary style is easy, effortless and chic and one must take into consideration that it looks like one. You should never overdress yourself when preparing to flaunt the contemporary style.


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