Dressing Game: 5 Fabulous Ideas to Create Looks With A Twist

It’s a normal and common story in every girl’s life that we are short of clothes, every time. Even though our wardrobes are full, still we dread the idea of wearing an outfit more than twice or thrice. Always going for shopping is not the solution to this problem because our lust for clothes is never ending. So, why not try some fun ways of styling our regular and old outfits in a new way to create some twisted looks?

We bring a list of five innovative ways to wear your clothes with a twist.

1. Shirt in the reverse mode

twisted looks

Shirts are our ultra favorites. We wear shirts with so many outfits. Be it formals or casuals or the new trend of styling our shirts with ethnic, we have done it all. But have you tried wearing your shirt in a reverse way with buttons on the back side? If not, you must try this one of the trending twisted looks and win hearts for being the best dressed.

2. Maxi skirt or tube midi dress

twisted looks

The sexiest way to wear your flared maxi skirts is by changing it to a tube midi dress. Just wear your maxi dress like this to make it look like a tube dress. Belt it up near the waist to give multilayers look. Accessorize this look with some chunky jewelry and you are good to go.

3. Scarf as a backless top

twisted looks

You must have bought a special scarf, sometimes, but you only know those simple and regular ways of wearing it. We give you a sexy yet classy way of styling your scarf. Wear a sexy bralette which has a sexy back over any lowers. Now just twist and tie your scarf over your bralette in this way. You sexy backless top is ready and this look will be your favorite among all your twisted looks.

4. Twisted Looks With Kurti

twisted looks

The latest trend is to wear your long kurtis like a dress. Especially that flared kurtis look great as the dress. You can overlay this dress with a blazer or denim jacket for the winters. Pair it with brogues to give your twisted look a classy vibe.

5. Harems are the new jumpsuits

twisted looks

Wearing your loose Harems as tube jumpsuits are a great and a very fun idea. It also looks gleaming and pretty. It’s a great outfit idea do the pool parties or even for the brunches. Wear a statement neck piece to make it look outstanding. Furthermore, if you want you can pair the jumpsuit with a maxi shrug.

These were some fun and creative ideas to wear your regular outfits with a twist. Probably, these will give you new OOTDs and we bet that you will adore all your fun and twisted looks. It’s all about dressing in a creative way every day.

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