Crop top for every body type- Choose Yours!

We all have a opinion that Crop top best suits for slim girls. But girls – everyone can wear a crop top and look trendy without showing extra weight. These tips will help girls with little fat at mid section. As many face this problem of fat at midsection, lets see how you can cover that and look stylish without shedding weight. Girls who don’t have those extra pounds, try crop top on jeggings. Wear heels and goggles to complete the look. You will look slim & taller than usual.

Crop Topscrop top and skirt(2)

For hour glass body, wear a top and skirt which only shows one or two inches of the skin above the belly button. Hide the belly button with the skirt. Choose a flared knee length skirt or jeans that best fits you. Don’t wear a skirt above the knee level unless you are slim because it will make you look heavy.

Wear the size that perfectly fits you. Any dress that pinch or grabs you will make your skin bulge up. And when you sit or move, that extra skin shows up. So choose a skirt in which you can easily move your two fingers around the waistline. See that you have enough room at the waist line of the skirt so that even after you eat, you won’t feel tight.

black croptopskirt

Buy high waisted bottom so that it covers that belly and shows the slimmest part of the body. That is, the ribcage chest area is seen and belly fat area is covered by your skirt.

Wear light colour skirt because the dark colour will be a contrast to the skin tone and attract unwanted attention. Light colour tops will give you classy & elegant look. White is always a great colour as it matches every colour skirt you pair it with. So instead buying many coloured tops, buy a white top which suits your skirts and pants. Buy colours which will go well with your skin tone. Pastel colours are a good option for Indian skin tone.

crop top whitecroptop

If you are heavier on lower body i.e hip area. Try knee length A-line skirts. Those skirts will have a little flare that covers hip portion. If you have apple figure then try flared crop top which will cover your bust. The flared top gives you thinner look as it doesn’t hug your skin. Wear a perfect fitting inner garment to avoid looking bit larger than your size. If you still feel uncomfortable wear a jacket. Jacket length must be till middle of the hip portion.

crop flarejacketjackets

When you wear skirt above the belly button the top length becomes shorter in the body, to avoid it – wear a turtle neck top as it add extra few inches from the neck to bottom the crop top.

turtle neck crop topcrop floralskirts

Floral skirts are in trendy don’t delay to wear them. Try dress which has both top and skirt printed with same design. Small clutches are look cool when paired with this dress. But avoid glittering or gold clutches, instead choose simple leather clutch.  Wear goggles and pencil heels to finish the look. Wear a statement necklace which goes well with the top.


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