Crop ’em Up This Summer!

“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

Summer is all about ice-creams, party scenes and beach-y dreams! Holidays and plans have been made to make the most of the season! Although it is the perfect time to hang out with your friends by the beach or go on a road trip, it is quite difficult to ‘chill’ in the summer with the heat. Which is why crop tops are the way to go! They’re airy, fashionable and oh-so-trendy. There are so many choices to choose from and it’ll definitely keep you cooler than you already are *wink wink*!

1. Graphic Crop

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A graphic crop is perfect for a casual day-in. It’s simple but still so cute! You can even get your graphic prints or text customized to your personal liking. I mean how fun is it to walk around with your favourite quote on your tee? I certainly would feel uber cool!

2. Sequin Crop

sequin                                          767a2c5c855012fdbb11fdb98fdffbf5

This is the best for a summer party. It’s dressy and at the same time looks absolutely adorable. Pull this off while you jam in those sexy summer beats and you’re bound to grab everyone’s attention.

3. Intergalactic Crop

galaxy                                           cbe735924bc39284d2cd038149e7c54d

This is something new to try. It’s not a common choice for many which means you’ll definitely stand out. Intergalactic prints are slowly starting to trend, and don’t you think these crops are really out of the world?! *pun intended*

4. Chiffon Crop

chiffon                                        f9956d3b5c6e1eaa4662a2dd2cc3eeb1

Chiffon crops have always been elegant and beautiful. They scream beauty and style and everyone needs one in their wardrobe. The light flowing material also ensures you don’t turn into a walking sweat machine!

5. Halter-neck Crop

e3dbf490c00901499c6048af150a1212                                       halter

A halter neck crop top is one of the most fun crops ever. Own one in a solid colour and have fun pairing it with different accessories to give your look an additional edginess. They’re also a fun way to show off your back tattoo, if you have one!

6. Off-shoulder Crop

a61c274d760d2c05100cd58933ea21c0                                      off shoulder

This classy crop top can be pulled off by anyone. Pair it with high-waist shorts and a hat and you are good to go. What’s perfect about this crop is that it lets the cool breeze hit your shoulders so you don’t feel too hot!

7. Floral Crop

floral                                         b53572b86bf264f7d47a49610c268e4b

When you think of summer, you think of florals! So, it makes sense to own a floral crop. They’re so feminine and they look super cute in selfies under the summer sun. And to be honest, they never really went out of fashion!

8. Lace Crop

lace (2)                                                 lace

A lace crop top is so perfect for a day by the beach. Make sure the top is in pastels or shades of white for that extra elegant touch. Pair it with a maxi or shorts and you’re all set to rock the look. There’s something about lace that makes us go wow!

It’s time to lay down, let the sun hit your face, and forget about everything! Summer isn’t only about updating your snapchats and instagrams! But also about looking good while you do!  Have a great summer 🙂

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