Dance All Night To These Summer Jams

 To a lot of people, summer is about the sun, crop tops and beaches! Yeah all that’s true, but there is another thing that defines summer- and that’s MUSIC! Nothing says summer like some dance music, romantic ballads and some super cool jams! Everyone has different taste in music but these songs are THE HOT ONES and you’re missing out greatly if you don’t have these babies on your newly created ‘Songs for the summer’ playlist!


I Took a Pill in Ibiza-Mike Posner

mike p


We all know Mike Posner from the catchy tune: “Cooler than Me” and now he’s back with the even more catchier tune “I took a pill” which was an acoustic track but then it was tweaked and remixed by SeeB to create an incredible dance hit! It was number one in UK and Netherlands and still remains on the top 10 charts worldwide! It’s definitely a tune that you wanna jam to and its killer beats will keep you raving all night long!

Faded-Alan Walker




It’s an electronic ballad by EDM artist Alan Walker and it is beautiful! With dreamlike vocals and expressive piano tunes merged with electronic beats, this song makes you reminisce memories of summer good and bad.  The background vocals sing lyrics that hit you right in the feels and it is the perfect combination of nostalgia with ultramodern beats- you see the world around you in Sepia but you’re still raving with your hands in the air 😉

 Love Yourself- Justin Bieber


Dalmatian love youselt


This song is from Bieber’s album Purpose and was co-written by Ed Sheeran!! So it only makes sense to say that like all the other songs Ed Sheeran has written, this one  makes you ponder about life while ballroom dancing across the floor with your S.O or by yourself because you know how to love yourself right! It’s such a romantic tune, with a simple guitar tune highlighted by Justin Bieber’s crooning voice that it’s a perfect choice for settings like candle-light dinners, long drives and nights by the beach.

One Dance- Drake





Everyone’s favourite Rapper (do not tell me otherwise), Drake came up with two new singles after Hotline Bling and One Dance was one of ’em! This song falls into an Afrobeat genre and it will LITERALLY get you to dance! It has the catchiest rhythm with a sort of African-Spanish touch to it and it screams summer vibes. Drake kills it with his mellow verses and Wizkid and Kyla are the perfect additional vocals that get you on your feet needing a one dance!

Lush Life- Zara Larsson





Swedish singer Zara Larsson’s electropop number Lush Life is how you wanna welcome summer. It’s got some catchy electronic beats along with summery lyrics that make you want to listen to the song “all night, all summer”. This song also summarises how you all those crushes come back to haunt you during summer but all that’s forgotten as you jam and dance to this funky song!

Middle- DJ Snake




DJ Snake has some the coolest tracks that define the EDM scene and he fails to disappoint fans with his track Middle. Although the song starts with Bipolar Sunshine’s sweet, melodious vocals, there’s a sudden change when the beat drops as you’re encompassed with vibrant electronic beats that phases you to beach parties, yachts, tropical islands and flights-basically it’s like DJ Snake turned your dream summer vacay into a song!

 Ginza – J Balvin


j balvin


Spanish artist J Balvin and his party track Ginza is up next! Peppy beats and loco Spanish lyrics we can’t understand makes the most fun summer music to dance to! Get loose and get down to salsa as you eventually feel your hips doing (trying to do) Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ moves. And of course listening to Spanish mood takes you the sandy beaches of Barcelona, Ibiza and Mallorca!

Like I Would- Zayn




Zayn Malik released 3 singles from his album ‘Mind of Mine’ after splitting from One Direction and Like I Would was one of them! Since summer’s all about love, this song is the best thing ever with Zayn’s magical voice sings this angelic hymn about lost love and desire! And if you’re head over heels about Zayn (which everyone is) this song is guaranteed to be your new favourite jam!

 Don’t Let Me Down- The Chainsmokers





The duo Chainsmokers’ song featuring Daya soared through the charts and it’s pretty obvious why! Daya’s vocals, heart-wrenching lyrics and a sick beat to get you up and about and super pumped! The beats also happen to be kinda Indian and you feel your inner desi take over the partaay!

Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake





He acts, he sings and breaks hearts- JT is back, and he always comes back with a bang! His new single ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ gets you twirlin and swirlin . It’s the happiest song ever and it’s filled with energy, summer vibes and feet tapping rhythm!  Playing this JT track is probably a good way to start summer!


Music is an important aspect of fun! You can feel the change in atmosphere when good music plays and it gets your heart beating! Therefore, this summer, make sure you’ve got some idea about these tracks because they will come in handy whether you wanna throw a party or enjoy a sunset or go on a road trip! So take a listen and you’ll be super ready for this summer with your tunes in hand!

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