Day or Night, This Color’s Just Right!

Ever wondered what color could be dressed down in the morning and dressed up at night? It’s confusing! Black’s too evening and Yellow’s so morning and floral. Pink has gazillion shades and Red’s too loud. Grey’s too boring and brown’s too dull, blue’s a bit too cute and green’s a huge risk! It’s mind boggling, how do you know which one’s the best? Don’t you just want a universal color that just works all the time?

Yep, we have the solution, WITH EVIDENCE.

BEIGE is your color, girl. You may think it’s too low key but not after you read this!

Let’s jump right into it with a JUMPSUIT.



Here are examples of how you can use beige to your advantage and be chilled in the morning. It’s just right. It’s playful, low-key and most importantly, comfortable!

jumpsuit day

jumpsuit morning

Wear an overall/jumpsuit with a crop top and it looks super chic.


attends the UK Premiere of 'The Frozen Ground' at Vue West End on July 17, 2013 in London, England.

Add some glam and work it, girl! It’s dressy and pretty and totally an evening outfit. The deep neckline adds an edge to this look, and the stilettos make it fancier.



day 8 dress

day 9 dress

t shirt dress

Super casual! T-shirt dresses and sweater dresses are so in, right now. You can put one on and wear it just about anywhere. They’re loose and ‘chill’, it gives off a very laidback vibe that works for just about anything in the mornings.


eve. dressjpg

Beige can seem like something too elegant for a party at night, but if you accessorize it well, it could be a fantastic hit like this one.

eve 5 dress

Switch it with a different cut, some sleeveless designs, and heels and you are ready to go!



beige maxi day

Maxi dresses are so summery-laidback. They’re comfortable and boho at the same time.


maxi eve

This is a perfect example of an elegant evening. Low cut with a thigh-high slit. It’s beautiful and looks rich as well.



maxi day 2

If the skirt has pleats, it dresses the look down. Pair it with a light colored tank and it automatically looks ten times more casual.



eve 7 maxi eve

Add some more style with a clutch and accessories and a dressy top, preferably chiffon. The unpleated maxi looks elegant with its ever flowing length.



matching sets

So Coachella and fun!


beige eve matching sets

Very hot and classy. The midi skirt adds an opulent vibe to this outfit.

crop top and pants eve

Kim’s outfit has only the midriff showing, which looks edgy yet decorous.



Sweaters are very casual and it’s not something you wear in the evening when you’ve got your glam on, but beige works it!

day 3 sweater

Pair it with some shorts for a casual look.

day sweater

Pair it with jeans for a smarter, sleeker look.


kendall sweater eve

sweater eve

Kendall works both these outfits, with opaque and sheer designs. The cowl neck and turtle neck revamps a boring sweater into a beautiful evening outfit.



beige jacket morning

Kendall pairs a normal beige jacket with some jeans and sneakers to keep the sporty look intact.

day jacket

Kim stylishly wears this vest with jeans and keeps it low key.



evening jacket

Kylie rocks a beige bomber jacket with a sheer skirt and works a sporty jacket into an elegant red carpet look.

day 2. jacket evejpg

Alessandra too has her A game on with a jacket similar to Kendall’s but switches it up with a chiffon top inside, some design near the collar of the jacket and striking stilettos.



sweater coat

Cardigans can be worn anywhere, with anything but stereotypes pose them to be only a day/ school outfit.


cardigan eve

Selena switches that stereotype with a deep neckline and the side cuts on the cardigan that make it look just so posh.



day top

A typical Coachella look with crochet work and a tie up front.

day tops

The sleeveless look on this shirt tones down the formal nature of a typical chiffon shirt allowing it to be worn anywhere.


dressy top eve

The crochet neckline perfectly makes this chiffon top much more detailed and appealing.

eve 6dressy topjpg

This Beautiful Peplum top has a deep neckline that compliments her curves perfectly.  The combination of silver and beige makes this a suitable candidate for an evening event.



day 6 shors

shorts day

Come on, we all know shorts don’t get any more casual, so try a beige color and switch with the mundane denim.



This daring beige, chiffon pair of shorts works perfectly well for an evening event.



bags DAY

Fringe just makes everything casual.


eve bag

Carry this with a chic dress, at night! It has the perfect evening poise to it which we absolutely love!



Beige-Flat- day

Ballets, ah they’re cute and stylish.


beige eve

Here’s the evening pair, with stunning tie-ups and high stilettos. Such oomph!


There you have it! Everything you need, to pull off this beige wonder.

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