Makeup Disorders: Deal with Each and Every Makeup Mistake Like a Boss

One common thing which every girl loves apart from shopping is makeup. We are die-hard fans of makeup. But, there are various makeup mistakes all of us make on a general basis. Scroll below to know what blunders we make and are extremely unaware of. It is very necessary to avoid each and every makeup mistake to save ourselves from sheer embarrassment.

1. Wrong shade of Foundation

This is the basic makeup mistake everyone makes. Using the wrong shade of foundations can make you look really awkward. It clearly looks like you have applied some paint or wet flour on your face.

2. Overuse of Blush

makeup mistake

Blush makes you look pleasant but, only if you have applied it correctly. To get the sweet pink cheeks, don’t go on using a little more Blush every time. Use it very little and just once.

3. Over Cleansing

Over-cleansing can lead to dryness, flakiness and it can degrade the natural pH balance of the skin. It is recommended to cleanse your face once a day after you have dealt with too much pollution and sweat.

4. Unclean Make-Up Brushes

Forgetting to clean the makeup brushes on a regular basis is another makeup mistake, we all do. Unclean brushes spread bacteria and also it does not radiate smooth make-up. So it is recommended to clean in a warm water bowl very frequently.

5. Dry Rubbing of the Face

Rubbing your face with a towel to dry is not correct. Rubbing leads to sagginess of the skin and also wrinkles. To avoid this beauty or makeup mistake, you must pat your face softly to dry.

6. Testing Foundation on wrist

makeup mistake

The method of testing foundation on the wrist is precisely wrong because the skin tone of our hand and the face is different. Instead one should try it on the jawline to see if it blends with your face or not.

7. Ignoring the neck area

We do not clean and exfoliate the neck area and neither do we focus on it while doing the make-up. This makeup mistake can leave you having two types of skin with two tone make-up.

8. No Body Talc on the face

It is highly recommended by the professionals that one must not use the body talc on the face but you should always stick to face powders or compacts.

9. Excess use of Peel Offs

The overuse of peel offs mask can loosen your skin and make it cause prone to wrinkles. Instead of using peel off masks frequently one can use scrubs and toner on regular basis.

10. Makeup Mistake by Chemical Usage

Switching to herbal and organic make-up products is way better than using chemical products. Lots of chemical products can be harsh on the skin.

Surprised? We know, right? We actually did this all the time. But it’s never too late to learn anything. Let’s swear that we won’t make such make-up mistakes from now.


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