Winter is underway; the greatest problem faced by every girl is how to organize the bulky winter clothing in the closet. Everything seems to fall, never being able to find the sweater you wanted to wear. The wardrobe looks like a hot mess with the ever-growing collection of cozy sweaters.


Sorting out your cupboards is a daunting task, but the with some tips on how to organize the wardrobe, the end result will be well worth the trouble. You’ll have space, rediscover old fashion wear gems of yours and might even save some money!

perfect wardrobe

First in list is, what all do you need.

  • A few large recycling bags.
  • Wall racks and hangers.
  • A charity shop or an NGO. (To donate stuff)
  • Magazine inspiration. (To know what’s in style)
  • Wet wipes.
  • Thin velvet hangers. (To make your wardrobe look classic)
  • Cedar or lavender bags. (To help prevent moths)
  • A local dry cleaner, tailor and a cobbler.

Steps to clean and organize your wardrobe:

  1. For closets in your home, integrate storage by adding wall racks and hangers. It will help you keep more stuff within the less space. Also remember installing hooks so as to utilise the minimal space to its optimum level.


2. Determine what you are keeping and what must go. Here the magazine will play its magic; get inspired by the trend and keep the clothes that are perfect for this winter attire. Go through each piece once, to gauge the potential in every item. Could you add a long-sleeved top underneath to make it wearable in winter? Find versatility in your clothes, you won’t need to spend as much on new ones.


3. While discovering your old favorites, you’ll also find clothes that you are no longer using and can thus, if in proper condition, be donated to charity. These clothes can be helpful for the people in need. After all, no matter how much you donate, it’ll always be less than enough. So, do not hold back. Donate.

4. Tuck away seasonal clothes for winter storage. Store those linen trousers, sundresses, shorts, swimsuits in the closet with high ceilings, that saves the space to keep your winter wear.


5. Now the main task starts, firstly use hangers for clothes that are more likely to be wrinkle-free and wearable.


6. Now, arrange items by type to maximize wardrobe flexibility. Sweaters together, jeans together, sweatshirts in one pile, so that there is space and it becomes easy to search for clothes that you want to wear.

similar clothing together

7. With more sweaters, comes more folding. So make sure that you’re doing it properly and not just tossing sweaters on the shelf.

folding clothes

8. You don’t want your ties, belts or scarves all bunched up, so keep them neatly organized on hooks.


9. Point to remember: Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.


10. An umbrella stand can come in handy to hold odd items like yoga mats.


11. Your shoes may take up a lot of the space in your closet; so once you’ve chosen which shoes you will keep, organize them by type. Separate your dress shoes, sandals, and boots. Invest in a shoe rack to place on the floor of your closet.


With all these steps in mind, your winter wardrobe will be perfect for your everyday dressing up, with no early morning fix of what to wear and not finding anything in the mess.

Here’s wishing you a Wonder Wardrobe of your own!

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