Decoding Esha’s Look in ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’

A heart-warming romantic track by Amaal Mallik and Armaan Malik from T-series, is the latest hit this season and has gone viral since its inception. And, rightfully so! The six-minute video illustrates the chemistry between Emraan and Esha in a twisted tale of fate. By now, a lot of you must have this romantic single in your playlist, so I would suggest that the next time you watch the video, it will be wise to take into account Esha’s fashion sense, a spellbinding treat to the eye! For others, who detest romantic numbers, this video is a must watch for those stunning looks sported by Esha Gupta. Major Wardrobe Goals ahead!

The Kick-Ass


The first look of Esha in the video is that defined by uber coolness and strong attitude. It is a killer-look with Esha riding the Bullet. Does that not spell awesome? A green shrug over a noodle strap top is indeed something which all the lovely ladies need during those pleasant autumn breezy afternoons. Set in the backdrop of Goa, the video presents an ideal weather for this kind of casual attire which can be carried out easily along with kickass aviators and chunky accessories (Notice the rings and bracelet!) adding a whole new perspective to the look. What would seem appropriate with the whole attire are an awesome pair of boots and a pair of well fitted denims. If you want to experiment, then a leather jacket or a denim jacket is also a nice option which you may sport with shorts or go for casual check shirts. Try to accessorize with semi-formal or casual bangles or bracelets and midi rings.

Suggested Look:

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The Vintage Lassie

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We always connect polka dots with the vintage style of dressing but these have made a comeback, becoming extremely popular in the local market. Polka dots have always been designers’ favourite as we find many of them swearing by polka dots all the time. For this particular look, Esha has sported a messy bun which goes flawlessly along with her polka dot maxi dress and her danglers for that dainty, gorgeous and smart look. The look is perfect for any kind of casual day out with friends or even a nice evening date. It can be donned smartly along with a pair of sexy stilettos. Esha is seen wearing a white and black polka dress which gives a subtle look but you can always experiment with colours, however a mild palette would add to the flamboyance and grace of this look. These days, polkas are smartly stylised with a lot of boldness and solid colours and even a mix and match of small and big dots, as well as colourful dots. Try on a matching jacket like Kate Middleton to complete your look.

Suggested Look:

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The Casual Chic

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This look of Esha in an off-shoulder midriff baring colourful top with a skirt is appropriate for all those who abominate heavy clumsy attires. Esha looks gorgeous in this attire with her sober cum chic hairstyle, perfect for day-outs with friends or a casual evening outing. For this attire, you can try both skirts as well as hot pants, a cute looking sandal along will the attire will up your game. You can accessorize your looks with chains and midi rings to pep your style. Other than simple checks, you can try out various prints or use laces for your off-shoulder top and maybe go for a leather skirt. And do try to replicate that God-send hairstyle that Esha is carrying effortlessly. Doesn’t her hair look like an angel’s ice cream?

Suggested Look:

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The Ball Room Beauty


Though we do not see much of this attire, but we can see that the contrast of orange and navy is exceptional and stands out from the pale background. We can safely assume that stilettos are the order of this attire. It is hard to miss Esha’s extraordinary hairstyle in a bun which brings up the heat of the scene to a whole new level. This crafted look has to be styled carefully along with a classy clutch and an elegant watch. The ear-rings cannot be missed out on this look, it would simply be incomplete without an amazing pair of small danglers. Or you may go for nice pearl drops or studs for a more sophisticated ball room beauty look. You can try various colour combinations like navy blue and yellow, sky blue and red, or you can go neon, if you please. Light contrast neighbours along the spectrum of shades or classic contrasts such as black and white are bound to make you look like the diva that you are. Carry off the look smartly with light makeup.

Suggested Look:

 image4xxl Untitled-1-copy57 prabal-gurung-spring-2011-rtw-podium-001_runway

The Minimalist Wonder


Esha is portrayed in a spaghetti strap sundress and she looks startling with her minimalist approach along with beaded ear-rings and flowing hair. This look is easy to replicate and can be further upped with a hat, a leather belt and boots if you prefer the cow-girl look otherwise for your dreamy charm, notch it up with a flower tiara, a white sandal and maybe a white shrug. As florals define pretty in this and every season, it’s wiser if you try a floral printed sundress. Try out laces and frills; you can spice up your outfit in various ways, with gorgeous sunnies, high ponytail or a high bun and even neon.

Suggested Look:

Spaghetti-Strap-Sundress-Sexy-Open-Back-Dresses-Loose-Elephant-Print-Dress-New-Arrival-Woman-Fashion-2015 Spaghetti-strap-dress yellow-floral-black-neck-spaghetti-strap-sundress-10003492-248x330-3


Fashion is eternal, all you can do is be inspired from the latest trends, keep yourself updated and always remember that it is you who makes your own Style statement!!


There is always a lot to learn from all that is going around, be it a small video clip or a song. It’s easy to catch up with fashion this way, just by being alert. We have seen Esha Gupta in many videos before, her dressing is inspiring, but this time, she sported smart and trendy looks which are easy to make do with in real life. Spread the love around and stay fashionably forward!


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