Decoding French Fashion: The Secret of Dressing like a French Girl Revealed

French style has always proven its phenomenal existence by sprinkling its charisma all over the world. Elegance and fashion intertwined in a single thread of massive strength fluttering the French kite of style to great levels in the vibrant sky-that’s pretty much how we can remotely try to verbalise the gorgeousness that French style is. So, how to flaunt this French style? This has really been an urging question of every girl.

Let’s see some of the super chic looks that we absolutely adore!

1. Pretty Black

Pretty Black

The enticing black occupies every wardrobe of a French girl. Almost three fifth of clothes a French girl adorns will be in black, they say. They never lose the charm for black color in their attire as it proves to be sensual and elegant all the time. Be it whatever, black has the top priority!

2. Simple is Sweet

Simple is SweetSimple is Sweet

Wearing clothes of shine is strictly non-promising in a French style. The simpler your dress, the sweeter are your looks. They flaunt their clothes in a simple way that everyone believes that they hardly took two minutes in front of their mirror, though they took more! Just a plain black top and a nice pair of denim pants do the magic of simplicity!

3. Less Accessories

Less AccessoriesLess Accessories

A small pendant chain for a pencil skirt and top, a slim plain-plated pendant chain for your denims and top will be the most impressive match. Wearing lustrous accessories can turn out to be a complete fiasco.

4. Exposing in the Unexpected Way

Exposing in the Unexpected WayExposing in the Unexpected Way

Wearing a short dress and exposing your glossy legs is so passé. Exposing skin in unexpected ways is the French style! Wearing a dungaree with a strapless side can be ravishingly sensuous.

5. Flats being Your BFFs

Flats being Your BFFsFlats being Your BFFs

Not always do heels do the magic, it’s the flats which encompass a cool and comfortable look for the girl. They always suit best for either a casual denim wear or a perfect professional wear. So, why climb high with heels, when you have the flats waving you to altitudes?!

6. Make it casual

Make it casualMake it casual

It’s always the imperfection which we make that make us beautiful. Leave a button of your shirt collar undone or leave the laces of your shoe a bit hazy and go out with not-so-perfectly done hair. Yeah, it looks perfectly cool! And wearing a motto jacket with a T-shirt out for cycling can be ‘the’ glorious thing to make your evening more winsome.


These simple six steps for French style are so easy and affordable to flaunt. Less effort can be taken for a brilliant look of the entire day. Any girl who wants to flaunt this French style is hereby, promised for a cool and sterling look when she walks down the street. Give it a try, because French never fails 😉 !!

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