DENIM LUST: 10 Cute Ways Of Styling Denim Skirt

One fashion that never becomes old is denim. Denim is something we can always rely on and feel all comfortable and confident in. By denim, we don’t only mean a pair of good old jeans but everything from the denim family, be it skirts, shirts, shrugs or even kurtis! Fashion keeps on fading and trending, yet, denim skirts have been in trend since our childhood, just their styles have been changing from time to time. We still lust over denim skirts. We bring in here some cute ways of styling denim skirt, all different from each other but equally cute.

1. Black round neck tee and denim skirt

styling denim skirt with Black round neck tee

We begin with the simplest and the classiest. Pair your simple, basic black tee with any denim skirt, skater or straight fit. Tuck the top within the skirt and you are ready with the cute college girl look. Since the look is simple, you can accessorize it with a beautiful neckpiece and a pair of casual sneakers. Tie your hair in a high ponytail for a neater look. This is a really easy way of styling your denim skirt, especially the skater and midi denim skirts. Buy a trendy navy denim skirt here

2. Front knot denim shirt and denim skirt


Another classy way of styling denim skirt is with a front knot denim shirt. Denim on denim always looks fabulous and chic. You just got to pair and style it right. Simply pair your front knot denim shirt with the denim skirt, that is it. Style your hair in a side messy braid and go for any winsome flats you have. No accessories needed; just let your outfit speak. Nude shade on the lips would be perfect.

3. Peplum top and fitted denim skirt


If you want to look sexy and delightful at the same time, try out this look. Pair your Peplum top with a straight fitted mini or midi denim skirt. We recommend not to go with skater skirts as Peplum top itself has that flow in it, so let’s not turn it into an OTT outfit. Pair high heels with this look and go for statement earrings, not necessarily big but something bold. Red shade of lipstick works best with this look. Let your hair loose and you are ready with another way of styling denim skirt. You can buy a straight fitted denim skirt here to get this look on fleek.

4. Perk it up with some checks


This look can be carried out with any kind of denim skirt with total ease. Wear your shirt all buttoned up and rolled calves, tucked in within the skirt and your preppy look is ready. Go for any hairstyle, possibly a pouf ponytail or loose hair. Match it with brown or nude brogues. Trust us, your look will be a total fashionista and you will love this way to style your denim skirt, way too much. Glossy lips would be great with this outfit.

5. Crop Top and denim skirt


Crop tops are our super favorite! We just love wearing crop tops with anything and everything. So, pairing a crop top with a denim skirt is again a very cute way to style it. This goes best with high waist skirts. High waists and crop tops match with each other quite well. So, take your crop top and match it with your denim skirt and pin up your hair in lovely side rolls. You can go for espadrilles or any flats you love for footwear. A look-alike of this denim skirt is available here.

6. Oversized Shirt and denim skirt


 Oversized Shirts are the most trending outfit this season. So, we thought to give you another way of styling denim skirt with these shirts. Wear your oversized shirt with a tank top underneath and match it with a fitted denim skirt or maxi skirt. Whatever you pair it with, don’t forget to go for sneakers and high chic bun. Fuchsia or coral blush pink could be your preferred lipstick shade. You can also wear it in another way by ditching tank top and only shirt full buttoned up and tucked in from front side only and not back.

7. Tassel Top and denim  skirt


Tassel tops are very girly and look fresh because of their bold appearance. Style your tassel top with a skater or suspender denim skirt for a quirky, girlish look; with a fitted denim skirt for a high fashion look, and with a maxi skirt for a classy look. A perfect pair of white sneakers or a pink one would look adorable. Accessorize your look with a fancy choker and go for a hot pink lipstick shade. Loose tie on the hair would be great with this outfit.

8. Styling Denim Skirt With Kimono Shrug

Kimonos are the cutest outfit a girl must have in her wardrobe. We are simply lusting over Alia’s kimono fringe shrug from Dear Zindagi. This is a must buy, girls, and if you already have it, pull it out and pair it with a beautiful cami top and your fitted mini denim skirt. Again, we would like to add that kimonos have much volume in itself, so don’t pair it with a skater skirt. Tie your hair like Alia, exactly from that beachside still of the movie and nude shade on the lips or just lip balm and no or fewer accessories to keep the look minimalistic. You can purchase a pretty fringed kimono shrug here.

9. Cold Shoulder top and denim skirt


Okay, so another attractive way of styling denim skirt is with a cold shoulder top. Style your denim skirt with the type of cold shoulder top it suits best. You can go for loose on loose style as well, like loose cold shoulder top which you can buy here with a skater skirt. With maxi denim skirts, cold shoulder tops go the best. Metallic flats or block heels are the best footwear to match this outfit because it gives a bohemian kind of look.

10. Lace or Crochet cami top and denim skirt


So, last but definitely not the least, we give you major boho inspiration of styling denim skirt in a cute way. Lace and crochet tops are very pretty and fancy and so we could not leave this without styling it with a denim skirt. Match your crochet cami top with your denim skirt and your effortlessly chic look is ready. Goes well again with all kinds of denim skirts, you just cannot miss this at any cost. Let your hair be loose. Match the look with a gladiator or tie-ups sandal and a perfect boho neck piece and your boho look is ready. Buy a ripped denim skirt here.

These were some awesome ways in which you can wear your denim skirt. Skirts are girly, quirky, elegant and playful and look super cute and fresh. You just need to style it the right way with right accessories and hairstyles and tops, obviously. Also, these tricks and tips will help you wear the same skirt in different ways and create a new look every time and deal with your everyday denim lust.

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