Desi-fying Your Wardrobe!

This post is going to be brief but just enough to add sass to the “Desi” bit of your wardrobe. Who doesn’t like Ethnic? You might be from any part of this country but ‘Being Desi’ runs in your blood. I can proudly say that I can carry the Desi look boldly and confidently and look stunning. After all can’t we all? The last time I checked, in my opinion every person in an ethnic outfit looked beautiful. Through this post I want to walk you through the must-haves in every clost to make a nerve-racking job much easier.

1)Sequin saree blouses

Sequin blouse black

Sequin blouse silver

Sequin blouse gold

Black, gold, silver should be the background or rather your accent colors for dressing your ethnic side. I know this article might be catering to crowd outside India and its not always possible to have a matching blouse to every spree you own or sometimes time just doesn’t suffice for stitching one. In my opinion everyone should own three well tailored blouses in Gold, silver and black sequin to whip out with different sarees and yet look like each of them was customized for that particular saree. They even add an edge factor to a traditional spree and completely transform them.

2)Coloured leggings and dupattas

Coloured legging and dupatta

Lots and lots of colored leggings and dupattas are a must in ethnic wear. Your all kurtis can be mismatched with different leggings with ease there is usually no hassle in picking out something new to wear everyday. Every combination becomes different and new. Usually with block colored kurtis you can play around with different color palettes and believe me you can let your imagination run wild and it will not fail to impress you.

3)Block coloured kurtis

Plain black kurti

Plain white kurti

A well tailored black and white kurt is definitely a must have for a wardrobe. They serve as the “multi-purpose” item in your closet. Whether you wear with your denims and a stole or with a patiala and dupatta, they are extremely versatile pieces of clothing and can literally be a new outfit every time you wear it. Your imagination has no boundaries when it comes to styling solid colored kurtis. Add a little modern edge with intricate neck designs and make it backless if you’re feeling daring and confident.

4)Plain chiffon sarees

Saree with sequin border

An ongoing trend in the world of sarees is the trend of sequined bordered bright solid colored chiffon saree. Head out to any matching store and buy a bright coloured chiffon saree or if you’re feeling sassy get one dyed to your favorite color, it should cost you in the range of 700-1000Rs. Go to a lace shop and get a thin width(5 cm approx) golden or black or silver sequin saree border, they usually range from 500-1000 Rs depending on the size. Then ask your tailor to stitch the border on to your saree and voila! you’ve gotten a trendy saree in the the matter of 1500 Rs which might even cost you upto a 7000 Rs in stores.

5)A long skirt

Ethnic long skirts

India is known for many many many festivals, we almost face one every 3 months. Which means for every festivity we have to buy new clothes, which obviously isn’t the most economical thing to do in budget-planning. Buy a long skirt in solid color. This is again extremely versatile. You don’t necessarily need to have a matching blouse with it. You can just wear a tank top of any complimenting color and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to throw on some matching jhumkas and bangles to complete your ethnic yet effortless look.

I hope you invest economically in improving the “desi” part of your closet. Always remember that a little goes a long way. Only buy things that you think are absolutely needed in your closet. Go for that type of clothing item which you think can kill two birds with one stone. I hope this articles inspires you to do the same.

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