Design Houses : The Inside Story of the Haute Couture Craftsmanship

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Haute couture must not forget to stay constantly alive, adapted to the needs of every modern woman’s life, Christian Dior wrote in 1953, since its first show on 12 artisans on 12 February 1947. The House of Dior has invented elegant, feminine creations which are resolutely unclassifiable. The artisans of the atelier Montaigne in Paris are masterly couturiers and privileged witnesses, continuing ancestral expertise. “The Dior hand is a meticulous, demanding manual technique, a unique area of expertise transmitted thanks to the passion of the Master-Formulators, real craftsmen of excellence for Dior Skincare.”

Couture is a magical word, the word that itself describes the hard work and a combination of visionary, labor, craftsmanship. It takes a lot of time to create one couture collection and this needs expertise to understand a great deal of designs & fabrics. We often appreciate the red carpet dresses worn by the famous actors in top film festivals, but we never notice the hard work involved in the creation of the garments and the sourcing of the raw materials by the design houses.



Let’s not waste the time and open the windows that show the world of beautiful fabrics like velvet, chiffon , silk and what not; the world of intricate embroidery with sequins and beautiful materials.


hand embellished gown - Ralph & russo


finishing touch on a silk faile cloak dress-ralph

Yes, the beautiful sequins on the beautiful couture gown you see is the result of the delicate and hand embroidery done by the craftsmen in the design house of Ralph & Russo. Acclaimed for its excellence in craftsmanship, Ralph & Russo is just simply fascinating and bewitching. Traditional thread embroidery intertwines with metallic resin print in the collection 2015 is meticulously fine and gleaming like dew. The color palette is just brilliant, from soft mints to playful pinks .Ralph & Russo spring 2015 couture collection is inspiring from start to finish, the dress appliqued with pink flowers to the final wedding gown embellished with crystals, pearls & crystal thread.

ralph n russo 2015    ralph and russo  ralph-and-russo-spring-2015-couture-collection-off-the-shoulder-beaded-applique-white-wedding-ball-gown

Ralph and Russo is truly an inspiring story which reveals the secrets of its craftsmanship in the form of sublime collections.

labour of love R&R



valentino macrame

The garments of Valentino manage to balance an exquisite prettiness with the substance, large and attention to detail that goes into crafting these garments. Additional edge is given to the collections through the intelligent color combinations that contrast the most subtle of neutral pinks, lemons and mints with pops of cornflower blue.



chic tailored white wool gabardine suit, embellished with white crystal and hand embroidery



The lacy affairs with great crisp and the careful finish given to the garments define the sophisticated work pattern of the design house. In Valentino collections, its mostly about subtle and deft handwork. One of the striking things that Valentino expresses through its collections is the details are hidden and are reflected too in a clean and clear way .

val haute couture  valentino  valentino couture


dior crafts

urban dior

Dior fusion feature unique couture this season with details such as ribbon, the bow and the embroidery inspired by the floral world of Dior. Dior is known for its sophisticated and ultra- fashionable reinterpretation of the designs. The designs feature a high performance technical material with an incomparable resistance and lightness. With lovely and light colors and experimental designs, Dior is an outstanding design house. With the fabrics that are different in textures and designs, Dior is an amazing example of craftsmanship and hard work.

dior gown    dior pink gown  dove grey silk gazar layered ballgown with crystal, feather, perspex and feather embellishment- R&r


From embroidery to special techniques like surface development, the subtle colors and intricate techniques involving wonderful play with the sequins and origami are perfect example of a blend of everything. The pointillist- painted panels could have been stained glass windows or flowers.  With a hallucinatory quality in the entire presentation, it also shows acid effects.

dior 2015

The craftsmanship makes a Design House a big brand and a reputed name in the fashion industry, appreciating the collection is easy but understanding the fine details and the hard work is a little mess. So, the next time you see the “couture” collection by the designers, you will definitely recall the story behind the macramé, embroidery and what not !

dior - craftsmanship

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