Designer Alert: RANGVALLI ~SOM by SAUMYA

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Tired of the same traditional outfits designers showcase day in and day out? We bring to you collections from budding designers from around the world right at your screen. Today’s designer feature has a well defined collection of Indo-Western outfits that you can where to your friend’s engagement just as much as you can to the high street exhibitions and designer charity events. RANGVALLI, a collection by Saumya Gupta, a former design student of Instituto Marangoni Milan has been inspired by the vibrance of colours and their ethereal presence in life. It is as neutral as it is bold, as earthy as it is warm, blending in shades of sunshine with those of the earth, she presents to you a collection as perfectly blending with your choice as the Horizon. Here is a sneak peak into her collection which comprise of wearable crop tops, long slit kurtis with pants, dhoti pants and everything you thought could never fit that well. The collection is not just wearable but equally comfortable and stylish. The embroideries are intricate, colour coordinated and beautifully planned. So sport her designs and look stylish this season.

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I let the designs do the talking, and I am sure you were in for a pretty ride. The designer, Saumya Gupta works out of lower Parel, Mumbai under her own label called SOM (the blissful moonlight). She has had a family background of design and boutiques and her skill and talent mastered with technique take her designs to an all new level.

Her outfits range from INR 15,000 onwards.

For Customized orders and further queries you can contact her on

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Now to the wonderful budding talent herself. We wish her all the highs in the world.

sombysaumya designer

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