Detoxifying Essentials For Men

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Our body is made of about 75% water solution and we do not realize that most of the body gets converted pretty much into a toxic dump. This affects the entire human body, especially the skin. The skin itself is an organ of elimination of the body that transports the excessive toxins through the lymphatic system and sweating. And this leads to a dry, bland and boring appearance.

So while we are all busy in keeping up with the busy schedule and keeping up our new years resolutions, why not give the skin and hair a Detox too. Here are a few most valuable tips for detoxifying the body.


drink plenty 1

It’s not the alcohol or all the fizzy stuff that helps in detoxifying, infact it actually increases the amount of toxins in the body.
The foremost ingredient is is Water. This is extremely important in order to eliminate the toxins out of the skin cells. Drinking loads of water in place of other fluids such as caffeine and alcohol, will assist in rapidly flushing the toxins from the system. So initially, start up with a few glasses a day and increase the amount per day as you continue further.


Stop-Smoking 2
We all know the cancer causing effects of cigarettes, but in addition to this, it also stimulates certain side-effects onto the skin and hair as well. Smoking burgles the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients it needs for daily repair. Smoking constricts the tiny blood vessels that supply the scalp, quite literally starving the hair of essential nutrients. So now is the time to realize and quit smoking not only for your lungs but your looks too.


Gymnasium / pumping iron
Staying fit, hitting the gym and lifting up some weights not only helps to build them but moving helps to move the stagnant fluid in the tissues and increase the pumping of different kinds of essential fluids in the body. These help in the removal of toxins within the skin. So what are you waiting for? Go hit the gym, lift up!!


avoid sugar 4
This is not what everyone wants to read about. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth and can’t resist on the awesome desserts presented in front of us. But, sugar is also the skin’s worst enemy. It is bad for the skin as it attaches itself to protein in collagen, this leads to wrinkling. Cutting back on the sweet stuff and increasing the intake of green veggies, will help you increase Vitamin C in the body, a boon for the skin and hair.


scrub up 5
Hair is pervious, and has an awful habit to absorb bad odors and smell from the atmosphere. This not only damages the hair externally but internally it makes the hair weak. Thus, giving the hair a massage and using specially formulated products, clear up the roots and helps the hair to remain shiny and stronger for a long long time. No need to worry about hair fall.
Scrubbing is another essential technique in clearing up the dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin at regular intervals helps to detox the skin and makes it look as fresh as a cucumber.

So, these are all the important tips and techniques to be followed that will not only detox the skin and hair of your body but also help in maintaining a fit and healthy schedule throughout the day.

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