Did you ever care?

Look closely, is there a difference in the skin tones?

skin tones

Did you notice that the skin tone of your face is different from that of your hands?
And your shoulders appear fairer than your arms?

skin tones

We are all born with naturally fairer skin. But over time, this gets layered with dull and damaged skin. An active lifestyle with some daily air-conditioned environment leads to the loss of essential nourishment and moisture from our skin, leaving it dry, making it look dull and damaged.

Mostly women moisturize their face only. They do not moisturize their legs and hands. But, they do not realize that some parts of their body need extra care. Some areas of the body like your knees, elbows, ad back need to be moisturized as much as the face. These parts are the most susceptible to dryness. So thereby, it is must to take out time and moisturize your knees, elbows and back regularly.

Your fair skin is still breathing and only needs to be surfaced again. So why not start doing that today itself? Heal your dull and damaged skin by applying lotion for daily use. This would ensure your fairness further. Your sensitive skin deserves the very best, so these are a few products suggested to you which people are using from past few years.

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