Did You Know You Made Panties Mistakes

You wake up in the morning and decide with a lot of enthusiasm what to wear to work, what to wear on a date, and what to wear to everywhere else you go. Did you ever invest one second to the thought, “what panties to wear?” Not very often right? Unless there is something interesting you’ve planned with your man on the bed you don’t quite think of what underwear to wear. Why is this so? – Evidently because the panties don’t show. That’s where all of us are wrong. Wearing the right kind of underwear is as important as wearing the right kind of dress on top of it. After all, if you are wearing the right kind of underwear that shows too, of course, it shouldn’t show in the form of lines but in the form of comfort and confidence in the body language. Here are five panties mistakes we women make and aren’t even aware of that sometimes

1. Panties Mistakes #1 – Panties Loose Loose


Did you notice that the moment you know there’s no one around you your hand goes straight up to your sliding panties to adjust it from sliding even more? Then that’s a ten on ten for the first mistake you make with your panties choices. While it is sometimes good to wear not-so-tight panties to allow more flexibility in that area and also to allow more circulation, it is not a very wise thing to do when you are going to work. When you have less to worry about your under garments you would obviously be more productive at work. Always try different sizes to avoid these panties mistakes because one size of one brand might not necessarily measure the same as that size of another brand.

2. NO! Not That Tight

Agreed, pulling your panties up time and again is not a good idea but wait! That doesn’t mean you wear panties that is cutting right into your groin and butt – No! It is a matter of little patience to find that comfy pair of panties with full coverage and firm fit yet without the danger of embarrassing yourselves with the camel toe or the muffin tops and neither those awful  lines showing on your leggings. When you make  panties mistakes of wearing tight ones or an ill-fitting one, you not only are prone to those visible lines but also are prone to itchy and painful skin particularly at the groins. Skin at the vagina and butt are sensitive and vulnerable to skin rashes, inflammation, and infection too. Tight panties create more friction and can also cause the eruption of butt acne. So ladies, use your precious prudence to pick the right panties of your size. Then, you will neither have to pull your panties up; neither will you need to keep pulling them down.

3. The Fabric Matters Too


Unless it is valentine’s night or some spicy occasion like that, spare your vagina, the discomfort of silk and synthetic fabric. The shape of women’s genitals makes it conducive for moisture build-up either due to trickling urine or also due to sweating. A pair of cotton panties absorb the moisture and reduces the risk of microbial growth which is not so in the case of silk or synthetic. If you want to go all lacy, then choose panties that have their crotch made of cotton. That way, you can have the cake and eat it too! (PS: No pun intended). Well, jokes apart, comfort should be given the priority over aesthetic values when it comes to avoiding panties mistakes.

4. Hygiene, Women!

Now that you know what to wear and how to wear, you should now also think of what panties mistakes you make while maintaining them and storing them in your wardrobe. I know we all feel lazy when it comes to hand washing our under garments but those poor little souls keep the most private and delicate of our parts safe and happy. Can’t we just stop throwing them in the machine and hand wash them instead? While hand wash is better also stop washing it too often.

Unless, you spilled drops of urine or may be blood during your period it is okay to wear your panties a few days without washing. Don’t overdo that either! Also, use a milder soap because in any case of soap build-up your vagina is again prone to rash and irritation. Try and categorize your panties and stick to wearing them for those dedicated occasions like your sport hipsters when you work out, a seamless one for work, or may be a G-string with your favorite skirt when you are out to the mall.


It is of course needless to say – Do not wear the same my-favorite-cute-little-purple underwear all your life. It is always wise to refresh your underwear collection every now and then. This last warning exclusively for those mother hens who at a point begin to use old panties of their daughter and also to those elder sisters who use their overly pampered younger sister’s panties and keep recycling them like precious pieces of gold. This is again a big bad idea. Keep these don’ts in mind and you will never make panties mistakes related to hygiene.


5. Ditch Your Panties Sometimes

Yes, that is one of the best ideas while you are at home. We all wear panties more for the mind rather than for that little vagina. The moment you slide your legs into your comfortable panties, you feel more ready and confident to face the world. However in this process, you might go overboard and wear panties all the time. This is one of the big panty mistakes, ladies. Going commando while you sleep or while you are chilling at home and sometimes even when you are out for casual occasions is a good idea to keep the area dry and exposed to fresh air. Of course, don’t make the mistake of not wearing one under your circle skirt on a windy day unless you intend to pose like Marilyn Monroe in her famous blowing white dress!


Did you make these panties mistakes all this while? That’s okay, ladies. It is never too late to respect your bodies’ needs particularly your intimate needs. Respecting your needs means you are respecting your fundamental innate feminine self. Avoid making these panties mistakes and you will soon stop hating the idea of wearing panties – it is actually much beyond just the itchy underwear marks!

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