Wardrobe Essentials: 9 Different Kinds of Bras You’ll Love

Having a right bra can make or break your classiest outfit. What goes inside does reflect outside. Nobody likes having their breasts sag or bulge out of the t-shirts. A bad bra can not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also spoil the whole look of your gorgeous LBD or your regular college tee. There are so many bras out there in the market that we often find ourselves in a vortex of bras which is, surely beautiful (with all those floral prints and laces!) but too confusing. Here, we are bringing to you a lowdown on different types of bras that you must buy!

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1. Regular T-Shirt Bra

tshirt bra

Ladies, a much as we would hate it, bu not everyday demands us to be ready for a glitzy party. But hey, that should not deter you from indulging in some self-love driven by cozy comfort with a nice t-shirt bra. A good t-shirt bra is seamless and an absolute essential for all the tight fit t-shirts and dresses alike. You don’t want people to focus on your bra’s seams and not on the quirky quote that you have there. You need to have at least 4 of these in your wardrobe as they are a daily fix. Have some in nice prints and colours! Or maybe, you could go for some limited edition bras by Zivame that will make you feel like the boss that you are.

2. Strapless Bra

strapless bra

Don’t your shoulders and collar bone make you look super sexy? Then, why would you want to chuck that oomphy tube dress?! It is for this gorgeousness that you need a strapless bra. If you invest in a high quality one like the Penny Plus High Coverage Bra, you can rest assured that it would not fall off. They might still feel a bit uncomfortable or rather, different. But then, you just need it for special days.

3. Backless Bra

backless bra

A saree is simply incomplete without a hot backless blouse, isn’t it? And you would not want to keep its depth shallow because you fear that the bra hook might just ruin the look. Well, ladies, go for a backless bra. You are surely going to be enamoured! Another alternative you can use is silicon stick-ons. They might not be as comfortable as your regular bra but no pain, no gain.

4. Push-up Bra

push up bras

A nice cleavage never hurt anybody, right ladies? Be it a romantic date or just a day when you are feeling like having some fun on your own, push-up bras should be your go-to option. They help in enhancing the cleavage and give a nice lift to your already gorgeous breasts. What’s the best part? They just seem to come with tons of confidence attached to them! And don’t even get us started on the beautiful prints and designs that are available in the market for push-up bras. As for us, we are totally digging this wonder in pink florals!

5. Minimiser Bra

minimser bra

This one here is sort of an opposite of the push-up bra. A minimizer bra helps you in containing your cup size and preventing any jiggles, in case you are way too well endowed. *insert jealousy here* This comes handy when you have to wear some specific clothes for perhaps, some formal occasions. You may find the Penny Quattro bra quite appealing.

6. Front Open Bra

front open bra

If YouTube videos tutoring men how to unhook the bras are actually a thing, it surely tells how cumbersome can unhooking bras be. But hey, move beyond the back, lovely women! You can now unhook your bra at front. Front open bras are extremely comfortable and great for the super busy women out there. Plus, it is a good change! If you are not yet convinced, just look at this another limited edition bra which has the sexiest back you would have ever seen, we promise! Or, if you are looking for something more summery, then the Penny Beautiful Back bra could be your pick.

7.  Sports Bra

sports bra

If you are one who swears by her gym and cannot spend a day without doing some kickass power yoga, then you would know the sheer importance of this often neglected wonder of a bra. A sports bra provides oodles of comfort to your breasts and helps prevent any ligament tear by providing ample comfort. Another plus is that with this chic bra, you can bid adieu to that unnecessary and distracting jiggle.

8. Bralette


Is it a bra or is it a crop top? This is one question that always puts the bralette’s identity at perennial risk. However, let us tell you that a bralette is nothing but a long seam bra which can actually be worn as an outerwear. Consequently, they are available in myriad designs, colours and fabric. They provide sufficient comfort and are more comfortable than a regular bra which cages your breasts too tightly. Pair this grape coloured bralette with an ivory shrug over a pair of light-coloured palazzo pants, and you are ready to go for a nice, fun outing with your girlies. Or, you may opt for this chic, beachy coloured bralette and carry it as a crop top with a nice fitted pair of jeggings.

9. Corset Bras


Now, one might argue that corsets are a totally different category and not a kind of bra. But ladies, what’s there in a name, anyway? The fact of the matter is that corsets are absolutely beautiful and to add to their divinity, a corset works as a shape wear, which is to say, “Bye-bye, you unwanted bulge!” Further, they are a great option to sizzle those nights of love! Buy them here.

Ladies, whosoever gives you the prudish advice of sticking to tidy-whities and boring-beiges, introduce them to the tempting world of sugary satin, lacey spice and everything nice. Or better, just walk ahead and adore and embrace your sexuality. Because bras deserve some love! Who knows, you might just not feel like taking them off once you step inside your house!

9 different types of bras for your wardrobe

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