DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is very special to all as it brings the warmth of gifts, chocolates and togetherness in this cold winter. Now, instead of spending several bucks over buying gifts, how about you make them, create them, personalize and customize them. This makes it even better and it always feels good to gift your near and dear ones things that you have made. Not only will you feel great about gifting these, you will definitely have fun and enjoy yourself creating them. Here are a few DIY gifts that you can make to make this Christmas extra special.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the most common yet dear to all and easy to make gift. This Christmas you can make it different. All you need for this are glue, scissors, chart papers, pen, pencil and things to decorate. You can make various kinds of cards such as pop-up cards, folding cards, push and pull cards, secret message cards, etc. You can even decorate it with snaps that remind you of that special moment you had, perhaps some incident on a beautiful trip or some childhood memory that you still cherish with your family or friends. You can follow the video to make a 3D card.


Handmade bookmarks
Handmade bookmarks

Bookmarks are amazing for those bookworms who are reading books even in this vacation. They are super easy to make and look super cool. Personalize it with your pictures or you can cut a cardboard and paint it in the shape of Christmas tree or even Santa Claus to make it brighter and funnier. Geeky, nerdy fun was never better!

Homemade Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter
Homemade Body Butter

What better gift could be there than Homemade Body Butter for this dry season that makes the skin chapped. This perfect and ideal gift for winter can easily be made with coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and essential oils of your choice. To prepare this nourishing body butter you need half cup of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond or jojoba or olive oil and 10-30 drops of essential oils (I prefer Lavender). Now, combine and mix all the ingredients except for essential oil in a double boiler or glass bowl. Then heat it at medium flame or temperature until the contents start melting. Remove it from heat and cool it to room temperature. You may now add the essential oil and refrigerate it for an hour. Take it out and whip it for 10-15 minutes or until it is fluffy. Again cool it inside the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Your homemade body butter is ready to use. You can store it in jar or any other glass container of your choice. Store it in a cool place such that the temperature is below 75 degrees.

Homemade Aroma Candles

Jar Candles
Jar Candle

This winter when the fans and air conditioners are switched off, you can easily decorate your room with homemade scented candles in jar or glass so prepare candles and gift them to spread the needed warmth in this cold season. It can be prepared easily in simple few steps. You need wax, coloring agent, stuffs to decorate your candle, container and wick. Firstly melt the wax in a container meanwhile take the container where you will pour the molten wax, decorate it and glue one end of the wick inside it. You may add coloring agent to the molten wax and few drops of essential oil for the aroma candle if you wish to. Now pour the wax into the glass jar or container for the candle. Let it cool till the wax hardens and voila…your candle is ready. Enjoy preparing and gifting candles this Christmas!

Tokens of Memory

Homemade Photo Album

You can also prepare a photo album to reminisce those cherished moments of your life which you would like to share with the family making it so very special. Photo pendants or magnets would be a very unique and personalized gift to celebrate this festival this year.

Woollen Warmth

Knitted muffler

For the old school style of gifting, this winter on Christmas you can gift knitted woolen scarf or muffler or a pair of socks or even a cell phone holder. All you need is a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles and few stuffs of your choice to decorate.

Christmas Cake

Christmas without cakes is just like celebrating Diwali without burning crackers. So, Christmas is incomplete without cakes. You can make special Oreo cake or perhaps brownie with hot chocolate and vanilla ice-cream to make it something different from the usual plum cake or fruit cake. To make these cakes, you can easily follow the video uploaded.

Lastly but not the least: Chocolates

home made chocolate

Loved by all from grandpa to grandson, relatives of all age. This will become even more yummilicious for being made at home. All you need for this is chocolate mould of any shape of your choice and chocolate of any type dark, milk or white chocolate or may be all three to add the zing. Simply melt the chocolate and pour it into the mould. You can add dry fruits as well if you want.

Enjoy and spread the Christmas joy with these DIY gifts!

Merry Christmas!

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