DIY: Make Your Own Tiara For The Princess Within You!

Every girl wants to have a tiara of her own, since she heard her first childhood fairytale. Those princesses and their pictures made us gasp in wonder and joy every time.Somewhere, deep inside our hearts, we decided that we will own one such tiara being the gorgeous princesses that we are. But then, money happened and broke our hopes with the sky-rocketing prices of a rather simple trinket. But do not worry ladies. We, at Wonder Wardrobes, are here to help you achieve that childhood dream of yours. Today, let’s make a beautiful tiara. Tiara makes one look elegant and beautiful. Tiaras can be worn with your bridesmaid dress, or for a birthday party or even a date night.

So girls, get down to some DIY business. Get the old, worn out stuff out of those dust-laden cupboards and closets. Time for some princess fun! Make your own tiara. AT ZERO EXTRA COST.

street styletiara

Things you would need to make your tiara are :

1.Old bracelet

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Ribbon

5. Candle

6. Excitement!

tiara ribbontiara street styles

Step 1 : Every girl has a piece of old jewellery which she simply doesn’t use. Search in it an old metallic finish type bracelet with flowers or leaves kind of design on it. This is our most important item for tiara as it would form the base. Pictures below will help you identify the type of bracelet we are looking for.

bracelet braceletimages


Step 2: With help of scissors, try to remove the unwanted hook (lock at the end of the bracelet) of the bracelet. And see to it that the symmetry of the bracelet is maintained i.e. the design part of the bracelet is equal from the both ends of the bracelet.

Step 3 : For next step, you will need a ribbon. You might have received gifts for your birthday. Probably, some gift will be wrapped  with a ribbon. We need that ribbon to attach with the bracelet. Choose the color and size of the ribbon by tying the ribbon around your forehead and according to your bracelet width and colour. As my bracelet is thin, I chose ribbon of half centimeter width and 15cm length.


Step 4 : Cut the ribbon into two equal halves i.e seven and half centimeters each.

Step 5 : Secure the ends of the ribbon with help of a candle so that threads at the end of the ribbon won’t come apart i.e just take one end of ribbon near the flame of candle. As the end of the ribbon nears the flame, the ribbon curls a bit; then remove that particular end from flame and repeat the process for all the ends of the ribbon. Be careful with the candle.

ribbon secur

Step 6: With help of the glue, attach one end of ribbon to one end of the bracelet, repeat the same process with the other ribbon on another end of the ribbon.


Step 7: Now you can see that your tiara is ready to wear, tie it around your head.

Isn’t it amazing? It is simple and didn’t cost you a penny. Such is the power of DIY!

Go girl! The world is your royal passage and you just got your own gorgeous crown.

head tiaraleaf tiara

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