Bollywood Fashion: 9 DIY Outfit Ideas To Get The Celebrity Look

We all love Bollywood for several reasons, but one of the most common reasons is Bollywood fashion! We simply love the outfits of our Bollywood divas and we all wish we could have them all in our closet. Well, buying and searching similar stuff is not that difficult in this era but our pockets and wallets do not always allow us. So, we bring in here an alternative for you girls, to DIY some fashion apparels at home to get that Bollywood celeb look and also an option to reuse your old clothes and love them again.

1. Kriti’s Patched denim

DIY patched denim

If you want to experiment something very easy, this is it. Patches have been trending these days. You can turn your boring, dull jeans into a patched denim. Take your jeans you no longer love and do a patch work on it by stitching cut work from any other cloth, just like this denim of Kriti Sanon. You will be going super trendy with this.

2. Shraddha’s fringe top

The fringe top is so much in trend now and DIY-ing it is super fun and easy too. You don’t need to spend much to get this look. Instead, you can try your creativity on any old top. Begin with a top which can handle the worst situation and you won’t regret if anything goes wrong. Make a mark on the top where you want the fringe to start. And start cutting equal fringes till there. Once you are done with the fringes, make it cuter by making knots in the above area. Your fringe top is ready!

3. Alia’s Sleeveless denim jacket

DIY denim jacket

Well, are you bored of that basic denim jacket of yours and have hidden it only for winters. So, pull it closer to you and give it a new look. Just chop off the sleeves like this jacket of Alia. Your new sleeveless denim jacket is made out of the boring old jacket. And if you want to experiment more, just stitch a pom-pom lace near the end of the jacket and near the sleeves. You are ready with a super trendy jacket now. 

4. Deepika’s Ripped Boyfriend Denims

DIY ripped jeans

Grab a denim from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and try your hands on it. Also, note that denim never becomes old-fashioned, so you can try this look on any  pair of old jeans. Now, just start ripping the area you want. Do it with a blade and a razor for a rough look and use scissors for deep cuts. Once done, just go for a bit alterations in the size, if needed. Your boyfriend denim like Deepika will be ready in minutes.

5. Parineeti’s Tassel Top

DIY tassel top

This top of Parineeti Chopra is our favorite celebrity casual outfit of the season. The tassels on it make it a bright and vibrant outfit. You can make these tassels at home, by buying colorful threads. Just cut the thread bundle into two halves and tie a knot at the top by making a U. The lace is ready and now you just have to stitch them onto any of your plain tops. Your simple top’s now got a new celebrity look.

6. DIY Boho Shorts

DIY boho shorts

Never throw your old denim, because denim never becomes useless! Take out your old denims and chop it off to convert it into a pair of shorts. Just cut the jeans in the length of shorts. Or just fish out any old shorts to give it a new look. Use laces, coined chains or any kind of silver chains and stitch it at the ends to give it a Jacqueline inspired look. Your Boho shorts are ready! 

7. Alia’s Patched Shirt Dress

DIY patched dress

This dress of Alia is such a cutie and every one of us wants it. It’s super easy to DIY  this dress at home without spending much. All you need is to just buy these cute patches in different designs you love, and stitch them all over your denim or shirt dress. You will be ready with a really cool dress with the latest patch work.

8. Parineeti’s Pom Pom Top

DIY pom pom top

We loved Parineeti a lot in this photoshoot. She looked smoking hot in these pictures. And we simply adore this top of hers. Since we all have at least one off the shoulder tops in our closet, or at least we all want to, we can give it a new look just by DIY-ing it and saving some money. We need to just stitch pom-pom lace near the shoulder and ends of the top. In this way you will get a similar off-shoulder top like Parineeti’s. 

9. Alia’s Suspender Skirt

diy suspender skirt

Yes, it is possible to make this kind of skirt at home. Suspender skirts are one of the latest fashion trends of 2016 and they look really adorable. You need to select a skirt on which you want to try this look. Take a cloth or lace of the same color of your skirt or any preferable color according to your choice. Now just stitch the cloth on the skirt by taking a measurement to make suspenders. Your suspender skirt will be ready.

All these ideas are extremely easy to implement and immense fun. Bring out all your dead and forgotten clothes and revamp them into celeb style outfits with simple DIY methods.

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