DIY Time: 5 Fabulous and Creative DIY outfit ideas

DIYing is a really fun and a creative idea for getting anything new without splurging on it. Also, we can always adore our creativity and that item becomes our super favorite. Getting creative and amazing outfits through DIY is awesome. We bring a list of ten DIY outfit ideas for you.

1. Shrug from Stole

DIY outfit ideas

Doesn’t this sound very creative? Yes, it is, trust me. Take out your stole on which you can try these DIY outfit ideas.
1. Fold the stole in halves.
2. Measure your distance between the shoulders.
3. Make the mark on the stole for the arm holes.
4. Cut along the mark. Your shrug is ready.

2. DIY outfit ideas with a fishnet

DIY outfit ideas
The fishnet leggings are becoming very popular, nowadays. Fishnet stocking under denim is the new denim trend. So, if you want not want to spend on that net you can DIY it under your jeans.
1. Just buy the fishnet fabrics or the lace. Do not go for the stockings if that does not fit your budget.
2. Take out your ripped denim. You can rip it further and make more holes on it.
3. Now stitch the fishnet fabrics from the back side on your denim where there are holes.
Your fishnet ripped denim is ready.

3. Cold shoulder top from a full sleeves top

DIY outfit ideas
Yes, you can even DIY a cold shoulder top at home. These DIY outfit ideas are amazing guys.
1. Take your full sleeves top as this can show the cold shoulder sleeves in the best way.
2. Make mark around the shoulders in semi-circle way.
3. Cut along those marks. Your cold shoulder top is ready within minutes.

4. No stitch Kimono top

Another one of the very cute DIY outfit ideas is trying our hands to get a kimono top.
1. Take any fabric, dupatta or stole.
2. Fold it into half in a rectangular shape.
3. Make a boat neck mark after measuring your neck size.
4. Cut it along the mark. Your kimono top is ready in minutes.

5. High Low Skirt

You can revamp your old maxi skirt into a high-low skirt with your creativity.
1. Take your old maxi skirt and cut it from the front in an asymmetrical shape till the knees.
2. Make sure your cuts are the incorrect shape.
Your high-low trending skirt is ready.

Will you not feel special to design and create outfits of your own by yourself. These things tend to be very special for us. Try out these creative ideas and you will never regret it.

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