DIY Project : Convert Your Earring Into A Beautiful Pendant Necklace

Hey there! Today we’re here with a cool DIY project on how to convert an earring into a pendant that is so easy and so very useful. We all have those lone earrings that lost their partners somewhere and now we don’t know what’s to do with them, let alone throw them out. I’ll say, wait a bit and read this fun guide on how to turn that earring into a beautiful pendant necklace. Read along!

Materials Required:

1. Neck chain

Choose either silver or gold according to the earring type you are using for this project.

2. An earring of your choice

You can choose any earring of your liking but make sure it has a fish hook back.

3. A nose plier

It’s a tool we’ll use for bending the wire when needed for this project.

Process :

This is a very, very easy DIY project and there is not much work to do. So, let’s get started.

First, you need to decide whether you want a larger pendant or a small one. I wanted a small one so i decided to get rid of one of the crystal from my earring. If you want a larger pendant use a bigger earring.

Now, get the earring and move over to the fish hook side. With the help of the plier start bending the wire around the top of the earring to form a closed hoop.

Your work is almost done. Now, take the neck chain and just put the pendant in its place and your DIY project is complete. Your own inexpensive DIY earring pendant necklace is ready. Try making different pendants for that one chain, different looks for different occasions. Create something of your own and have fun!

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