DIY Rose Candy Jar To Gift Your SO On Rose Day

First of all, Happy Rose Day to all of you!

So, the Valentine week is here and let me guess, you are thinking about gifting your loved one some roses but don’t want to follow the old and boring ways? We’ve got you all sorted! Here is a step-by-step DIY tutorial of making a rose candy jar which is not only easy but time and money saving too. Let’s get started with some Rose Day wonders!


1. Roses, of course!
2. A glass container (as per your convenience)
3. Some colourful candies (you can use M&Ms or gems)
4. Some fancy ribbons

Step 1:

Take the glass container and clean it properly using a clean and dry piece of cloth. Your container can be of any shape or size, but an elongated container would be more convenient. If the container has a lid, make sure to remove and keep it aside.

Step 2:

Take the ribbon and tie it carefully around the container and make sure it’s tight and does not slip. You can also make some creative and beautiful bows with them.

Step 3:

Open up the candy packets and fill the container to a little more than halfway up. Do not fill it upto the brim as they may fall out while putting the flowers inside.

Step 4:

Carefully take the flowers one by one and put them inside the jar. Push them slowly to make way through the candy. Make sure to put in enough flowers so that they stay in place. You can spray on some rose perfume to make it look more fresh and your rose candy jar is ready to make some beautiful lips smile on Rose Day!

Go, get your Valentine all mushy now!

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