DIY- Skincare Routine For All Skin Types

In today’s world, our skin faces a lot of damage due to aging, makeup products and pollution. All the makeup products we use to look presentable and beautiful, contain lot of chemicals which leads to skin breakage and damage. The worst thing is  premature ageing and damage. At such a time, it’s necessary to take care of our skin before it reaches a stage beyond repair. Constant skincare will lead to glowing skin, and hopefully you’ll come to a stage where you use makeup only to improve your look, not to hide the damage or blemishes.

The skincare products available in the market too use mild to harsh chemicals. Many of us are gifted with sensitive skin which makes it even more difficult to try out different store-bought beauty products. In some cases, we are in a tight budget, where it becomes very difficult to shell out money to buy all those beauty skincare products.

Whatever be your reason, follow my easy DIY Skincare routine which includes ingredients from your pantry. It’s time to raid your pantry and use this skincare regime to get soft, supple, bright and shinning skin. As skin is the largest organ it becomes all the more important to take care of it.

Before you start any skincare routine, there are some basic things that you must remember. Drink loads of water to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm or cold water as per your preference. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables, also make sure that you eat plenty and healthy. This regime is totally uni-sexual and is so safe that it can even be used by kids. Why not start skincare from childhood to give your children the best skin right from the start? Okay, now, let’s get started with our regime.


Cleanse your skin:-

Honey Face Wash

Mix in a bowl two teaspoon of honey with four to five tablespoon of milk to create the desired consistency. You can also make a large batch of it and store it for future uses. You can keep this concoction up to a week or until your milk expires. The milk and honey combination mildly cleanses and locks moisture in your face. Start by applying it to a cleanse and rub it in circular motion for two to three minutes and wash off.

 Oatmeal scrub:-

Oatmeal scrub

Mix in a bowl two teaspoons oats and add milk or water to the level that the oats is immersed in it. Set it aside for at least five minutes until it soaks well to form a mushy paste. Again, you can also make it as a big batch and store up to a week. Then apply it to the face cleaned with milk and honey cleanser generously. You can also let it sit as a face pack for sometime. After that, scrub it well into your face in circular motion to remove dead cells. Doing this will remove excess oil and dust from face leading to decrease face breakouts and pimples. After that wash off and dab with a cotton or soft towel gently.


Honey/Olive oil and sugar scrub:-

 Honey/Olive oil and sugar scrub

Take a bowl and mix two teaspoons of olive oil/honey(according to preference and availability as both does almost the same job) to four to five teaspoons of granulated white/brown sugar to a coarse mixture. You can make a large batch and store it to even up to two to three weeks. To your cleansed and scrubbed face spread this mixture to your face and neck in a circular motion scrubbing it as you apply it to your face. Let it on for sometime and wash your face with warm water or normal water. You can also wash your face with warm tea extract. This scrub will moisturize as well remove dead skin. You can also use this mixture as a lip scrub. For those who love lip tints and balms this is a gift as it will make your lips soft, plump and shiny.

 Gram Flour/Rice Flour Brightening Face pack:-

Gram Flour/Rice Flour Brightening Face pack

In a bowl, add four to five teaspoon of gram flour or rice flour(according to your choice or preference), two to four teaspoon of milk, two to four teaspoon of yogurt along with a pinch of turmeric powder to make a paste of desired consistency. Again you can make it in a big batch and store in refrigerator. Both gram flour and rice flour has coarse texture that can be used as both face pack and scrub. Rice flour leaves your face with more softer feel and even tone. So, you can try both and see which suits your skin type more. This pack also helps in removing sun-tan and giving you a smooth skin. Apply this as a thin layer to your face and neck. Leave it until it dries well. Then use a sponge or rag cloth dipped in warm water or tea extract to take it off. Dab the clean face with cotton or soft towel.


Tea Bags/Slices of cucumber/Potato as Eye pack to remove dark circles:-

 Tea Bags/Slices of cucumber/Potato as Eye pack to remove dark circles

While you’re waiting for your face pack to dry, why not pamper your eyes too? Our stressful jobs and late night shifts always takes a toll and gives us those dreadful dark circles that we are forced to hide using concealers and what not? But not anymore! Use used tea bags as shown in the picture and rest your eyes. This will decrease eye swelling and provide a cooling comfort to our ever-working eyes. Then you can also try the all time favorite cucumber slices to eyes that will provide cooling effect and take care of our eyes. Also forget not to try the Spanish’s favorite and secret eye care regime of applying potato slices to your eyes. This will help in reducing those scary dark circles and as well take care of your eyes.


Tone or Moisturize with Rose water and coconut oil:-

Tone or Moisturize with Rose water and coconut oil

Sprint a dose of rose water to your face and neck as a toner and wait for it to be absorbed by your skin. You can also add rose water to your face packs too. This will act as a cooling and moisturizing agent. Then you can also apply coconut oil or any oil of choice as a body moisturize and let your skin soak in the lovely nutrients of these oils.


That’s all for now! By the time you finish all these regimes, it might even take half a day’s time. But let me assure you, all the results are so worth the effort! Doing any of these will give you a soft, supple, shinning and healthy face. Isn’t is great that you can get a soft, smooth skin with simple ingredients available in your pantry? These packs are not just restricted to your face and neck – you can use it over your body to get an overall result!!

So come on, what are you waiting for, let’s get started. Follow any of the above regimes once in a week or customize it according to your style or needs. Come people, it’s time for some skincare 🙂

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