Don’t Let The Skirt Fool You

You walk into a shop and the different types and kinds of skirts available can really confuse the life out of you. The worst part is how they all look so good on the mannequin but one looks like a rag doll after trying it on. That’s just the sad truth about different styles for different body types! Lets discuss the basic body types that exist. First is the petite body type – Straight and lean, like a banana, no curves. Then comes the apple shaped body type – chest is wider, hips are narrow. The next type is the pear shaped body type – Curvy hips and wider thighs than upper body. Then we have the hourglass body type – chest and hips are pretty much in proportion. Finally comes the inverted triangle body type – bottom half is smaller than the lower half, flat butt and hips. Now lets talk about the skirts needed for each body type and what to wear/avoid in reference to the other items surrounding the skirt.

body shapes

1 Banana shaped

Star Jacquard Pencil Skirt - BR black

A skirt which will ad volume and structure to the body thus making her seem fuller is what one should opt for. Also it will show off those thin legs! The tops with it should be structured to make you look fuller and yet show off the right places! Pair such skirts with a thick belt or light jewellery just add a certain edge to your look. Make sure you have a plain ish top which doesn’t pull away from the skirt. Avoid boots of any such high top shoes. If the skirt is one with a pattern, then any other patterns or designs should not be added to the look.


2 Apple shaped

apple shape

Skirts which add flare and volume to the lower half making it look proportionate to the upper body should be opted for. The tops are meant to be tucked in and pairing it with a crop top is for someone who has a thin waist because it will give an illusion of being taller and make the shoulders look less wide. This look can be paired with a sleek pair of heels or even a high wasited belt to accentuate the waist. Its essential to wear a well fitted top and not a tube or halter top to ensure your upper body doesn’t look bigger. Low wasited skirts will make your body look disproportionate so they must be avoided!


3 pear shaped

pear shape

The skirt should be high waisted to accentuate the waist and to reduce emphasis on the hips. The tops paired with it must be structured in a way to make the lower and upper body look proportionate. This could be teamed with an over sized bag or a thin belt at the waist just to give off a proportionate body type. Any bizarre prints on the top which might accentuate the chest must be avoided!


4 Hourglass

hour glass

This body type is pretty easy. The skirt should be a pencil skirt or an A line skirt, while the top should bring out the curves in the right way. This means the top should be well structured and not baggy or loose. This can be paired with some fancy stilettos or a cute little clutch. For this body type bulky skirts and ones with a flare should be avoided.


5 inverted triangle


The skirt chosen is meant to add volume and make the body give an hourglass illusion. The tops should make the top area look smaller, accentuate the waist and thus make your over all body look proportionate. You could wear a fitted blazer on top or wear a good pair of pumps. The skirts should be really full – the more ruffles the better! Avoid tops with thin straps and go for tops with deep V and U necks.


Don’t forget to experiment with different styles of skirts this summer and do share with us your best summer look involving a skirt!

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