Double Trouble: 2 Makeup Looks that can never go wrong!

Going out on a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon, calls for certain groundwork to be in order. Figuring the right outfit with the right shoes and bag, even the right perfume! So let’s face it, no matter what you wear or how you accessorise, no look is complete without the perfect make-up. By perfect we certainly don’t mean those super complicated techniques that seem almost impossible to achieve , let alone master. We are talking simple, basic make-up that looks amazing with just about any outfit!

The bold liner-red lip look

The bold liner-red lip look

The bold liner-red lip look is one for the ages and is just perfect when you don’t have too much time on your hands! Go a bit Khloe Kardashian and style it with a fitted denim shirt and wavy hair parted down the middle. Keep the liner a bit bolder to give your lips a bolder, brighter pucker. Use a lip pencil which matches your lipstick perfectly. Once the liner is done, go over it with your lipstick to intensify the color and make sure the tint is spread evenly. Since, the hero of this look will be the red lipstick, we would suggest skip the Kohl pencil or kajal on the bottom eye-lid, a touch of mascara will do the trick. Finish this look with a top knot and you’re ready to strut through the streets like you own them!

The smokey eye-nude lip look

nude look

The smokey eye-nude lip look is perfect if you’re not a lipstick person or if you don’t want to worry about touching it up all day/night. You can do a smokey eye in just about any dark shade of eye shadow like a navy blue, forest green or brown, but sticking to the classic black will only enhance the look. Apply less pressure as you move upwards to the eye lid using a dark shadow. Make sure you curl your lashes really well and coat them with a lot of mascara to make them flutter. Use a natural shade of pink or peach for the lips and top it off with a thick gloss to add that touch of glamour.


So are you dressed yet? Try these 2 makeup looks and pep up just about every outfit you have!

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