Dress Guide According To Your Body Shape

In a world of ever-changing trends, knowing what exactly to wear to flatter your shape can be a really big challenge. Getting dressed up will eventually become a lot easier when you know what works for your shape.
Most of the women majorly fall into these 5 categories that below. So here are some quick tips that can certainly help you to be properly dressed :




straight body
Dressing a straight body type is to enhance your waist. Waist can be enhanced by adding a wide, dark belt. The key : Look for light-reflecting fabrics and prints that help to add wanted volume and dimension to your straighter Frame. In essence, you can pull off most prints with ease- horizontal stripes, glamorous metallics, sequins and embellishment. Baggy, oversize clothes that camouflage any curves you have is a big no for your wardrobe. Strong blocks of color, stripes and bold prints work brilliantly for you as they help to create shape for your narrow structure.



pear body

People with pear shaped body need to balance their top half with their lower half by wearing clothes that make your shoulders look broader. Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline. Find shirts with structured or princess shoulders and a darted waist. The main goal of dressing a pear figure is to draw attention to the torso and away from the hips and thighs. Outfit your upper body in bold colors and big prints. Certain necklines are better for a pear shaped figure, wide necklines like boot-necks and scoop-necks visually widen your shoulders. Avoid hemlines that reach down to your thighs however, since these will only make the widest part of your legs look wider.



hour glass body type
The hourglass figure is considered the ideal body type by many omen. For women with this body type, the bust and hip are approximately the same size and the waist is narrow. Belt shirts and tunics at the waist to follow the natural contour of your body and create a flattering silhouette. Peplum tops are the best over slim-fitting bottoms. Regular length tops with curved hems are ideal beacuse they break up the curve on the thigh creating an elongating and slimming effect. Avoid too many thrills on your clothes as they will add extra bulk to places where you don’t need. Go for belted tops, tops with banding, wrap style tops and tailored shirts.



apple shape
The goal for the apple shaped body is BALANCE. That is, to make your torso look longer and make your shoulder and waist appear slimmer. Choose clothes that skim and not cling. Flowing silks and soft cottons tailored in simple designs. Avoid bold patterns, larger checks and light colors above your waist unless you want to look bigger. The shoulders need attention so you should balance them from the front and side views.
Wear A-line dress designs which take away attention from the tummy. Simple denim styles in classic boot cut, wide leg or flares are the best. Darker colors in jeans are the best. Choose lower and wider necklines like scoop, square, large V-neck or sweetheart. Tops should cover the whole belly area and end just below the hip-line.



oval shape
The key to dressing an Oval body type is to De-emphasize your midsection and create a more defined waist. Look for belted tops that flare at the hip. Fuller flowing skirts that gently skim away from your body will help fill out your hips. Wide-leg, flowing pants are very flattering on your body type. Wide-leg dress pants with prominent back and side pockets will add curves to your hips. Straight skirts with a flirty flared bottom looks good on your figure when paired with a top or jacket that accentuate your hips. Never wear dark bottoms with a light/printed top. Your shapely legs are your best asset.


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