Dress like a Parisian : Tips to pack for Paris – Part 1

Yes! Paris travel is on the cards very soon. Tips anyone? I know I’ve been away for eternity but it was just a really upsetting time. Lots of thinking and convincing through, I’m springing back again.

So with the visa finally in place and less than a fortnight left to travel, here’s what I have been doing – contemplating on what to carry and what not. So while a proper travel packing post is to be up soon, here is what to pack if you want to dress like a Parisian.

Alright, I am there in the summer season – through mid of July. Oh yes Ladies, the Les Soldes summer time. Get Jealous, will you? So please do not pack this for your Christmas holidays unless you please to freeze.

how to pack for Paris

1. Pack airy, comfortable yet photo friendly clothes.

No, do not pack your nightsuits because Parisians are so well dressed that you’d look undressed even when you are in your best clothes. Pack comfortable though since as a tourist you’d have to walk a lot and the day time may get sunny. Obviously, you’d also click a lot of photographs, so pack only what clicks well.

2. A formal dress for the dinner at Eiffel/ Lido/ Opera.

You are going to a fashion capital of the world, and you may have to miss the Lido show just because you are not carrying your formal dress/shoes. I think the Opera show has similar dress code too. So pack for the event.

3. Elegant Shoes : Comfortable yet stylish

They say you judge a person best by their footwear. Carry a pair or super comfy shoes for all the walking involved. Make sure however they are neither too funky not too loud. The Parisian like it classy and everything not classy is far from it. Try wearing pretty flats with dresses unless it is on a tour to Disneyland where they might kill your feet.

4. A Nice bag with lots of space

I repeat on the bag having space since you may want to carry your water bottle and a few refreshments especially if you are vegetarian or not particularly fond of too many cuisines. Make sure the bag is stylish and most of all light enough to not give you a shoulder pain. Try carrying one with broader straps since thin straps pain more on your shoulder.(Comfort cheat: Take a cute backpack)

5. Pastel dresses and skirts

Parisians by nature have a very elegant taste. Take fresh pastel coloured tops, dresses and skirts with you. Do not opt for what is very bold or over the top. They are hoarders of neutrals

6. A Warm Overcoat

As much as it is summer, you never really know about the weather. If it ends up raining, you do not want to fall sick. Carry a nice coat for yourself. A black, neutral or classy colour is most appreciated.

7. Comfortable Lingerie suiting your outfits

Well, you’d already know by now how great the French lingerie supposedly is. Make sure your brassieres fit you absolutely fine. There should be no panty lines, bust seams or strap bulge for the paparazzi, because yes, they will judge you on that. Please keep the push up hot pink bra for later – not under the white shirt – pretty please?

So all in all, you dress up elegant and classy. And well, you so not have Parisian type of clothes? No issues. We’d soon be covering where to shop in every budget and lots from the Les Soldes coming up very very soon. Also, lots about French Skincare in the next post.

Till then, plan your trip ladies. You know you’ve always dreamt of kissing your man on level 3 of Eiffel. Or maybe just in the garden downstairs you know!



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