Dressing for your body type: Which dress will suit you best?

I have always wanted to wear an evening dress with panache, but I often did not have a proper guide as to what kind of dress would suit me. After so many experiments and considerations, I would like to present this guide on what dresses to wear. There isn’t any particular dress type for a particular body type, but certain dresses will definitely be more suitable than the rest. It certainly helps to know this stuff as it will help you choose more wisely!

Wrap around dresses:

wrap around dress

These dresses are most suited for women with a pear shaped body. It highlights their small waist and also doesn’t add to much weight to the torso and legs. Those who want to pull more attention to the waist, or rather draw attention away from other parts, can also go for these dresses, as they will give you a lovely look!


Maxi dresses:


Maxi dresses with small print will be a great choice for ladies with a petite build and are a bit under average height. Small print will help them look taller and gives an elongated look. Those with a slightly non-curvy build can also try maxis as they will give a feminine, elegant look!


Shirt dresses:

denim shirt dress

This is not a dress that will camouflage anything. You can wear it if you are fairly satisfied with the way you look. It is also best suited for those who have an hourglass shaped body. It looks very boyish, but with the right style, it can be worn with grace!!


A-line dresses:

a line v neck dress

The most famous of them all, a-line dresses can work for anybody, be it pear shaped or apple shaped or very tall people; though, they may not be best suited for petite ladies as it will make them look shorter. It is said that these dresses were Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s favourite type! And she was very tall at five foot seven.


Mini dresses:

mini dress

They are the best pick for petite women, as the dress draws attention to the legs. This will make them look taller. Paired with appropriate nude heels, mini dresses are a sure winner. Sometimes mini dresses may not suit tall women as they will make them look very tall and intimidating.


Sheath dresses:

sheath dress

These are best suited for those women with an apple shaped body. They give you a bit of free space that can hide your tummy. Though, take care not to choose a dress that is too short, as it will ruin your whole purpose of hiding anything.


Peplum dress:

peplum dress

These are the best thing that women with broad shoulders can wear. Not only do they have a tapering waist, but also have a flare at the hips, which will match your shoulder length. This will make your hips look smaller and draws attention away from the shoulders.


So ladies, now I think you would have gotten a fair idea about what dresses to buy and what suits you best. Now go out there and have fun shopping!!

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