Dressing Tips For Plus Size Women

Plus Size Celeb

Being plus size is considered as a curse by many women,but not anymore. Though size zero became a rage during the mid nineties,the size zero models have been banned by many fashion labels – Prada, Armani since the death of Luisel Ramos due to anorexia in 2006. While big fashion companies have banned size zero models, the craze women had for the size hasn’t gone until recently. Size zero may not have been a woman’s favorite anymore but that didn’t stop the teasing/bullying plus sized women faced. Only a few years back, did people start realizing that size doesn’t matter, personality does. Many campaigns like Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel , #DropThePlus , #SpeakBeautiful have created a new world for all sizes of women. We like to contribute our share to these social media movements by giving you a few tips on how to dress, to look your best and let your beauty speak.


Vertical Stripes

Stripes look good on everyone. You can wear a colorful outfit when it comes to stripes, as there are various color combinations available in stripe wear.

Horizontal Stripes

Earlier there was a belief that horizontal stripes made a woman look wider and vertical stripes made her look tall, some even went on to say that plus size women should not wear horizontal stripes as they highlight their problem areas. But recently people have come out of those thoughts and are trying out all types of outfits. It’s the width of the stripes that matters not whether they are horizontal or vertical. If the stripes are too broad then they make you look wider and will draw eyes to your problem areas. So, opt for narrow stripes and have fun with colors 😉


Flowy Dress

The material worn always matters. Wear something that doesn’t cling to your problems areas. We recommend wearing a dress that is flowy.



Plus Size

We can’t stress enough on how important wearing the right dress size is. Never ever try to fit yourself into a dress that is a size smaller than yours, as that can give you an ugly appearance. Nobody feels comfortable to look at a woman whose shirt buttons are popping out. This doesn’t mean that you should wear loose outfits. While tight outfits create horrible look, loose outfits will make you look heavier than you are. So, wearing the right size is a must.


Maxi Dress

If you think your thighs are ruining your look then select a knee length dress or go for a maxi dress.



Women Shorts

Come summer and everyone thinks of one dressing item – shorts. Many plus size women have a insecurity feeling that shorts will look awkward on them and that only thin and slender girls can wear shorts. Those women are wrong, shorts can look good on plus size women too. Pair the right length of shorts with the right top and you will have a cool summer outfit.

Bathing Suits and Bikinis

One Piece Bathing Suit

Every women is entitled to have fun during the summers -wearing a bikini and relaxing at the beach. Bathing suits give a woman the ultimate sexy look, so why should plus size women give that look up!? If you are comfortable wearing a two piece bikini then go for it 😉 On the other hand if you are a bit self conscious then select a one piece bathing suit and enjoy the beach.

Embrace your body girls. Start loving yourself – both your body and soul, because there ain’t a girl like you 😉 You have curves that every skinny girl out there is dying to have, so flaunt them. Feel and look confident and sexy, by wearing the right outfit. Don’t let those skinny girls tamper your inner beauty, let it shine through your clothes. A last tip – be yourself and love being you. Let us know if these tips have helped you or not by commenting below.


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