Dress up for a Chic Pool Party: What to wear?

Is it summer already? Well, its time for the water baby in you to finally jump up with joy! While some ladies prefer going on a vacation to the coastal areas, others prefer having a nice and cozy chic pool party with friends. If you belong to the latter category this article is just for you. Dressing up for an occasion as simple and fun filled as a pool party is never as tough as you think. Here are a few tips:-


One piece and two piece swimsuitsBathrobes

Since it’s a pool party its quite obvious that you would need to carry a pair of change of clothes including the usual bare necessities (you don’t want to go back home in your car wearing those clothes drenched in water). Also, there are some other categories of clothing which I would consider as “bare necessities” for a pool party, like a swimsuit or bikini, bathrobe, etc.


Shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen lotion bottles

We all know that most of the pools have chlorinated water as the presence of chemicals like chlorine in water keeps many bacteria at bay that would harm our body. But even a few minutes in such chlorinated water may harm our hair even if it keeps those bacteria away from the body. Therefore, one must always carry a shampoo and conditioner. Tanning is another thing that bothers women, especially those who are too careful and protective about their skin and complexion. Thus, carrying the right sunscreen lotion is also of utmost importance.


Triangular one piece swimsuitpanache brighton one piece swimsuit
One piece swimsuit for curvy women

Choosing the right swimsuit for yourself is a very important task. One-pieces are the safest and most commonly chosen attires for such parties, since they tend to give a well defined curve to your body and help flaunt the already defined curves. Voluptuous women may go for swimsuits that complement their body type but at the same time do not expose too much flab. Swimsuits with small cuts at the back but not on the sides are suitable for such women. Avoid wearing V-cut swimsuits. Also, I would suggest that they opt for vertical or floral prints which would give an illusion of a leaner body type. Avoid solid colours.

Bikini for the hourglass figure
Halter neck swimsuit

Women with leaner bodies such as hourglass shaped women can go for bikinis as well, as it would help them flaunt those attractive curves. Razor-back and cross-back swimsuits are usually preferred and give a fair amount of tan to one’s body. But if you don’t want any defined lines on your back showing a clear cut tan then you can always choose to wear tube or halter neck swimsuits.


Blue shear kaftan top
White shear maxi dress

You can always pair up your swimsuit with a nice long outerwear such as a loose shear kaftan top or a flowy translucent maxi dress.

Breezy maxi dresses
Navy blue tunic dress with a brown belt

If you choose not to swim but enjoy the summer heat then wearing a bright or printed tunic or maxi dress would do the trick. Avoid wearing warm clothes which would make you sweat heavily or make you feel suffocated.

Ladies' hat
Ray ban sunglasses

Don’t forget to carry a nice hat or pair of sunglasses/goggles (you don’t want the sun to irritate you).


Sandles with tassle embellishments
Stone embellished sandles
Pierre Dummas Flat Embellished Sandals

The most obvious, comfortable and smart choice of footwear for a pool party would be a pair of pretty sandals as sneakers and sport shoes get wet very easily and take ample time to dry off. Sandals with pretty embellishments on them are a perfect fit.

But ensure that the slippers or sandals you choose to wear have a firm grip and are not too slippery as they could pose as a great threat, especially because it would increase your chances of slipping or losing your balance and getting severely injured.

Printed pleated A-line skirt
Hot pants

Apart from the above mentioned attires, short flared or frilly skirts, hot pants and shorts are always in for a pool party and look good on almost all types of women. Hope you now have a better and clearer idea of what to wear for a day out in the pool with your girl friends.

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